Fast Start with FIT in USA

What a for New Forever Business Owners in USA! Transform your body, mind and Forever Business

Become an Assistant supervisor with less than 2cc!

Jumpstart your business with Fast Start with FIT! For a limited time, buy a Clean 9 and FIT 1 together within your first 7 days and be promoted to Assistant Supervisor with only 1.667cc.
Right away you’ll be able to enjoy wholesale pricing a 35% discount, sponsor new Forever Business Owners and take the first step to looking and feeling better with the FIT program.

Forever Fast Start
Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Start with FIT

Q: When does Fast Start with F.I.T. begin?
A: Fast Start with F.I.T. was launched on 9/02/14 and will run for a limited time in the U.S.

Q: I am an existing FBO (Forever Business Owner) but haven’t yet achieved Assistant Supervisor. Can I take advantage of Fast Start with F.I.T.?
A: No, existing Forever Business Owners who have not yet achieved Assistant Supervisor can not take advantage of Fast Start with F.I.T.

Q: Is Fast Start with F.I.T. available to my downline in Canada?
A: No, Fast Start with F.I.T. is only available to Distributors in the United States.

Q: Will I still qualify for the Fast Start with F.I.T. incentive if I purchase my Clean 9 Pak and F.I.T. 1 Paks on two separate orders?
A: No, the Clean 9 and F.I.T. 1 Paks must be purchased together in the same order in order to qualify for Fast Start with F.I.T.

Q: Can I substitute a F.I.T. 2 Pak instead of the purchase of a F.I.T. 1 Pak?
A: No, the purchase of a F.I.T. 1 Pak is required with a Clean 9 Pak in order to qualify for Fast Start with F.I.T. The F.I.T. 1 Pak cannot be replaced with a F.I.T. 2 Pak.

Q: I just placed an order for products that added up to 1.677cc. Will that order qualify me for an automatic advancement to the Assistant Supervisor level?
A: No, the 1.677cc move-up to Assistant Level exception is only for orders that include both a Clean 9 and F.I.T. 1 Pak. For all other orders, the 2cc within 2 months company policy to advance to Assistant Supervisor level still applies.

It's Time to Make a Change with Forever F.I.T.

Buy Forever F.I.T or Join & Save 15% NOW!


Effective Weight Loss With Advanced Packages!

Forever Clean 9, Forever F.I.T 1 & Forever F.I.T. 2

  • Cleanse with Clean 9

    Cleanse with Clean 9

    The New and Improved Clean 9 is now better and cheaper than ever before. It features a convenient dietary supplement pack with the exact amount of weight management supplements needed for the nine days, plus a newly branded F.I.T. shaker. Designed to kick start weight loss and cleanse your body, this first step provides the perfect foundation for transforming your eating and fitness habits.

  • Good Habits for Life - F.I.T. 1

    Good Habits for Life - F.I.T. 1

    Take it to the next level and change the way you think about food and fitness for good. This 30-day regime allows you to continue towards your weight management goals, in a sustainable, healthy way. contains the exact portions of supplements, shakes and bars required, with easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance to help you through. Maintain and build on the progress you made with the Clean9 and change your habits for the long-term.

  • Maximum Impact - F.I.T. 2

    Maximum Impact - F.I.T. 2

    Now you're well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. It's time to push your body to the max and achieve that optimum transformation. Strengthen and tone the body with F I T 2 help you build lean muscle, incorporating high-protein nutritional products. Complete this final 30-day step of the program to see real definition.


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