What taste my Aloe Vera gel should have

What taste my aloe vera gel should have?

As you know, Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel is a natural product. The taste and the amount of pulp will vary due to several factors; include rainfall, geographical conditions and maturity of leaves. Color and pulp variances do not increase nor decrease the efficiency of the product.Forever Aloe Vera Drinks

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This is only a further indication that the product is natural and has not been filtered or chemically enhanced. All our products are made from natural ingredients and we add NO artificial flavoring, artificial additives, ingredients, etc…, to maintain the color and appearance of our aloe vera gel drinks. Due to this, all our drinks may vary in color, viscosity, fiber content and sometimes, even in flavor.

We could be like other companies and add preservatives and chemicals to our products to maintain uniform batches, but we value your health more than maintaining just a uniform color to our product – superior quality ingredients and high standard manufacturing facilities.

You are in the right hands. Here at FLP, we care for your health more than anything else. We highly recommend you refrigerate your aloe vera gel  drinks immediately after you have opened the seal in the bottle and close the cap immediately after use. Try to avoid storage in warm and humid rooms.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel is not sold in stores, you can only buy it online. Please enter retail store  to purchase Aloe Vera Gel today. Receive 15% discount on orders of 100$ or more. For more information please visit: Forever Living Discounts.

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Aloe Vera Gel is available in 4 flavor:


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