Two healthy way to style your hair!

The demand for Hair Care and Hair Styling Products are steadily rising as more and more people become aware of the fact that a change of hair style is perhaps the fastest way of altering your appearance. Teamed with complimentary attire and makeup (especially for women), a hair style can magically transform your personality in the shortest possible time.

Two products that are extremely handy and allow you to experiment with hair styles are:

  • Styling Gel
  • Styling Spray

aloe styling gelAlthough the two perform distinctly different functions, very often they are used interchangeably and may therefore not yield best expected results. They are both styling products, but they serve different purposes. No matter what product you use make sure it’s made for your hair type, and that you don’t use too much.

Benefits of Hair Gel

Hair gel is a popular product for controlling a person’s hair and maintaining the look you want. Hair Gel is generally used to hold a hairstyle securely, to smooth your hair and add some thickness. Whether you’re putting your hair up in that neat, swept back bun, or you want to make your hair stand straight up effortlessly, or to maintain a loose, fresh-out-of-the-shower look, or simply want to texture it in a way that makes your individual strands stand out more, the proper hair gel will allow you that sort of control.

Gel is thick and goopy and is ideal for that neat, slick look which may be difficult to achieve with the natural texture of your hair. To achieve the desired style, it should ideally be used while your hair is still wet. Styling gels are oil-free and water-based. Although the gel allows the freedom to make a style statement, too much of the product may cause the hair to harden and may also look sticky and messy. So the right amount and right application will certainly give the right results.

Forever Aloe Styling Gel is a revolutionary aloe-based, multi-use styling gel that fortifies and repairs your hair while giving you the flexibility to create any style you choose. Whether you finger-style, air-dry or blow-dry your hair, Forever Aloe Styling Gel is ideal for any hair type and look. Ti’s humidity resistant and alcohol free formula infuses your hair with vegetable protein, Panthenol ( Vitamin B Complex) and other vitamins plus Jojoba and Wheat Germ oil to keep your hair looking strong and healthy all day long. Its extra hold formula also makes Forever Aloe Styling Gel the ideal choice for those night time occasions when you want to create that “special” look.

Direction for Use:

After you wash your hair and it is still wet, apply a good amount of gel until your hair feels a little “squishy”) by scrunching it. Scrunching is when you flip your hair upside down, rub gel between your hands, and then use your hands to grab and squish it up ( use your hand like a little cup). You can either let it air dry, or if you want added volume, blow dry it with a diffuser.

Benefits of Hair Spray

The main expectation for a hairspray is to hold the hairstyle with natural elasticity. Hairspray is best set your already styled hair and to give a little shine to the finished style. It is usually meant to keep it all together once you are done styling your hair. When you finish your hair style, it’s great to spray it over the entire head just to make sure all the little stray hairs stay back. It helps to maintain the style to last for a much longer duration. For those with unruly or curly hair, they can also be used to decrease the amount of flyaway hair and control frizz.

Although using hair styling products help achieve dramatic results in appearance, most of these products are heavily laden with chemicals for commercial benefits. constant use may cause mild to severe hair related problems like dryness, split ends, etc. Alcohol is a common ingredient in many hair gel and spray products which tends to dry out the hair. Using organic and natural gel and spray while helping you create new looks will fortify the hair and scalp by providing nutrition and moisture.

Forever Living Products has specially prepared an alcohol-free, ozone-friendly hair spray containing the highest standards of raw material. Forever Aloe Pro-set hairspray has a fresh, clean, oil-free, self adjusting formula that gives your hair exactly what it needs. Never too stiff or sticky, it provided a lasting hold for your hair just where you need a little… or where you need a lot. It provides the perfect finish to your hairstyle and also helps protect the hair against the elements of wind, sun and humidity and provide long-lasting hold while adding shine. Now you can create the look you want and still give your hair a scalp the best treatment, using Forever Aloe Pro-Set!

Direction for Use:

Hold the container approximately 12 inches away and spray evenly onto your hair. For a strong hold, apply in several light layers ( allowing it to dry between coast). Re-apply as needed. To create a fuller look, back comb the hair, smoothen out the surface by combing lightly and then spray.

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Katalin Hidvegi
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