Top 10 reasons to drink Forever Active Boost

Top 10 reasons to drink Forever Active BoostForever Active Boost is the fantastic new from Forever Living that gives you that extra boost when you need to stay active. With aloe plus a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and other synergistic ingredients, this great tasting drink will “keep you motor running” all day long!

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Top 10 reasons to drink Forever Active Boost

1. All-Natural Energy

Forever Active Boost ‘s ingredients from natural sources help the body boost its energy production efficiently and safely.

2. Quick and Long-Term Energy

The guarana in boosts energy quickly; the proprietary ADX7 blend delivers sustained, long-term energy.

3. Recharges the Mind

Forever Active Boost ‘s blend of ingredients supports healthy brain function and boost mental energy.

4. Promotes Focus and Stamina

Forever Active Boost ‘s unique formula of adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins and more help the body sustain its focus and performance for longer periods.

5. Helps Relieve Stress

Stress can sap your energy and make you lose your focus. The ingredients in Forever Active Boost help buffer against the deleterious effects of stress.

6. Power YOU through your day

Have an active lifestyle? Got tons of stuff to do today? No worries – Forever Active Boost can help power you through your day.

7. Proprietary Energy Blend

You won’t find Forever Active Boost ‘s unique and exclusive energy blend of ingredients anywhere else.

8. Tastes great

Tired of the horrible-tasting energy products that populate the shelves? Forever Active Boost taste is pleasant, making it enjoyable and easy to drink.

9. No Harsh stimulants

Most energy products have harsh stimulants and added caffeine that can cause jitters or other side effects. Forever Active Boost contains a proprietary herbal blend, plus natural caffeine from guarana to give you a natural energy boost.

10. No Crash

No one wants the crash that inevitably follows most energy boosting products.  Forever Active Boost ‘s exclusive formula gives you sustained energy without that “crash”.

What’s in Forever Active Boost?


A natural source of caffeine for a Quick energy boost


This proprietary blend of herbs, aminos, vitamins and electrolytes helps optimize cellular metabolism for the ultimate in energy production.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogens have long been used in traditional cultures to help the body “normalize.” This means that can minimize stress, improve physical and mental energy, and support the body in optimizing its varied functions. Forever Active Boost ‘s adaptogenic herbs include eleutherococcus, rhodiola, schisandra and more!!!

Amino Acids

Taurine supports neurological functions, as well as athletic performance.


The body requires a wide variety of vitamins to perform its dozens of processes every day.


Your cells need to replenish electrolytes continually – otherwise, you’ll feel sluggish and fatigued.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe is a long-used tonic to help the body restore and rejuvenate itself. It contains over 200 compounds to help cells function at a higher level.

Did you know?

ADX7, the proprietary ingredient formulation in Forever Active Boost, has helped Russian track and field athletes win over 130 medals in Olympic competition!

How to use Forever Active Boost

      1. Drink 1-3 cap per day.
      2. Shake gently before opening.
      3. Serve chilled.
      4. Enjoy newfound energy.

Buy Forever Active Boost with Discount

As you may have noticed, this natural energy drink Forever Active Boost is not sold in stores, but you can find it here online entering our retail store above. Receive 15% discount on orders of 50$ or more. For details please visit: Forever Living Discounts.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Building her Global business with Forever Living Since 2008. She is originally from Hungary, a mother of 3 boys.Working only part time she achieved Manager level in 2011 in Brooklyn, New York.
Katalin Hidvegi
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