The perfect in-home spa with Aroma Spa Collection

Aroma Spa Collection combines legendary , essential oils of   lavender, bergamot and cedrus atlantica bark, plus herb and fruit extracts.  Particularly, the aromatic property of essential oils aids in relaxation,  shedding tiredness and achieving the balance of body and mind.

Aroma Spa CollectionAs in- , Aroma Spa collection saves time, money and allows one to control the hygiene, it develops into a   lifestyle for people to enjoy such experience in the comfort of their own  homes.

Aroma Spa Collection


Five Reasons for Home Spa with Aroma Spa Collection

  • Your Skin Will Thank You
    Bathing in  warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving  you soft and supple. It also lifts out harmful toxins, so your skin is fresh  and unbelievably clean. In addition to the lovelyflush you get from steam  and warmth, can reduce fine lines for rejuvenation.
  • You  Will Be Free of Stress
    Your body will relax and your mind has a chance to wander, leaving the stress of the day behind.
  • You Will Get a Good Night’s  Sleep
    Bathing has been proven to lead to a better night’s rest and for  some, even may help with insomnia. Take a bath with Aroma Spa Collection before bedtime, and you’ll get  an uninterrupted night of restful sleep.
  • Your Muscles Will Be Limber .
    At  the end of a long day, particularly if you exercise, your muscles can feel  tight and tense. Bathing with Aroma Spa Collection loosens and relaxes the muscles, soothing aches and  pains.
  • Aroma Spa Collection  is Economical:
    Well, bathing is free – and bath salts are  extremely affordable. It’s a low cost way to treat yourself like royalty,  bringing all the benefits of an expensive spa trip into your own  home. Take bath with Aroma Spa Collection at home and save time and  money…

Create Quality Home Spa Environment for bathing with Aroma Spa Collection

  • Water temperature should not  exceed 40°C

 Medical experts remind elderlies and those with cardiovascular  diseases that water temperature is ideal at 38-40°C as this temperature  range enhances blood circulation, relieves muscle aches and pressure to  let you relax. Also, water level is suggested to be lower than the  heart.

  • Keep the bathroom ventilated

A ventilated bathroom prevents one  from suffocation, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable bath.

  • Replenish  water

As sweating during bath is normal, it is recommended to drink  some water first before bathing or you can place a glass of water next to  the tub for replenishment.

  • No empty or full stomach

With an empty  stomach, one easily faints as the energy level is low. With a full stomach,  one easily feels uncomfortable as all the blood is concentrated in the  stomach. It is recommended to bath with Aroma Spa collection at least an hour after meal.

  • Don’t bath too long

It is recommended not to bath for more than 45  minutes and should rest every 10 minutes as bathing for too long would cause  one to lose energy.

  • Progressive move

It is better to sprinkle some hot  water on the body or wet your feet first to let the body adapt to the water  temperature and then gradually start bathing. It is dangerous to act so fast  as blood will be drawn out from the heart too quickly.

Home Aroma Spa Collection 3 Step Process:

  1. Step 1 of Aroma Spa Collection: Relaxation Bath Salts
    Directions: Add 1 or 2 table spoons of Relaxation Bath Salts to running water. Start  taking a bath for the body or the feet only after the salt completely  dissolves. Common salt contains 90% sodium, but Dead Sea salt has  10% sodium only whereas all the other ingredients are trace elements  that are beneficial to skin. Dead Sea salt contains 26 minerals which  include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and bromine, etc. All  these minerals can be found in skin cells of our body, but decrease  with time, leaving the skin dry and dull, causing wrinkles as well as  other skin problems. This is why using Relaxation Bath Salts can  replenish the mineral loss in skin cells and make skin glow again.  Besides, the minerals bring about convection effect which causes  moisture to penetrate and rise from dermis to epidermis, easing  dehydration problem of skin.
  2. Step 2  of Aroma Spa Collection :Relaxation Shower Gel
    Directions: Used in shower or bath; apply to a loofah or towel,  and gently soap the entire body using a light rubbing action. Scientific  research has proven that lavender oil can stabilize nervous system, improve  sleep quality, relax emotion and reduce anxiety whereas bergamot oil can  stimulate stamina, relieve skin and is antidepression as well as  anti-anxiety.
  3. Step 3 of Aroma Spa Collection: Relaxation Massage Lotion
    Directions: Towel dry  body after bathing. Apply Relaxation Massage Lotion immediately when skin is  still moist to enhance hydration effect. Cedrus atlantica bark oil is good  for oily skin as an astringent and can improve . It regulates nerves  and releases pressure. Aloe vera is rich in polysaccharides, 18 amino acids,  12 vitamins and 20 minerals which enhance moisturization of skin. Don’t hesitate to order your Aroma Spa Collection.

Buy Forever Aroma Spa Collection

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by Katalin Hidvegi

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