Team Building Exercises And Their Advantages

Whether you are managing a small team, a large team, small company, large company, there are so many office team building activities that could improve the way your company interrelates with each other while achieving that one thing so many businesses aspire to achieve – synergy. Team building exercises are undertaken in a spirit of fun, but also play an important role in strengthening your ability to function as a unit.

Team building exercises can be used occasionally, such as to augment your annual general meeting, or on a more regular basis to help maintain productivity. They can also be used as a form of crisis management, such as to help address fears during a period of change, or as a response to a need for radical restructuring in order to meet the challenge of a new competitor, for example. Other uses of team building include, but are not limited to making the process of getting to know somebody new in the team enjoyable, bringing together multiple individuals who do not normally interact with each other or simply making sure everybody on the team is on the same page.

Having your team members work together in any endeavor that takes them out of the ordinary office realm can be an interesting exercise in communication and cooperation. To facilitate this, consultants often organize activities that use arts, sports, games, or any structured form of interacting that requires teamwork. Some examples of how this profound sense of teamwork and synergy is manifested would include each team member playing a musical instrument and performing a favorite classical piece of yours or team members linking arms to form a chain which is symbolic of a team being greater than the sum of its parts, among others. There may also be situations wherein brainstorming is required to come up with a resolution.

The dual purpose of having fun and learning together makes for a day that is relaxing and enjoyable in itself, as well as providing lasting results as you develop your skills as a team. Synergy can encompass a lot of things for a company; mainly harmony between employees and between employee and superior, as well as productivity in the workplace, and there have been scores of specialized programs, services and reading material geared towards the development of synergy. The wide variety of creative solutions offered includes everything from cooking together, to outdoor adventures, scavenger hunts to simulations of extreme sports¦ If creating a harmonious and cordial environment in the name of work productivity is important, consider at least a few of these options.

Researching by looking at a consultant’s website is a great place to gather data and get some helpful hints for some fun activities you can do on your own or with a professional’s assistance. You can tailor-fit the activities to the size of your business, as the majority of available programs have flexibility to be adjusted to the size of your team or company. Incorporate some creative team building into your next boardroom meeting, or be extra adventurous and arrange for some outdoor activity. Do not consider the potential return on investment as a trifling matter. You want to ensure that your work environment is an enjoyable one, as better quality of living for your men and women inevitably leads to better productivity. Find out what the right team building exercises can do for you.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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