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Forever Bee Propolis. Bees answers for health

Forever Bee Propolis – bees answer for health During my lecture tours, I find Forever Bee Propolis (on the market since 1983) is the number two consumed item in the FLP line. Aloe drinks are the only items that outsell Forever Bee Propolis. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why people all over the world […]

Forever Bee Propolis. Winter wellness with bee propolis.

Forever Bee Propolis Bee Propolis is another substance important to the vitality of the honey-bee, as it offers natural immune support. It’s the protective lining of the beehive, which has been said to be “safer” than most operating rooms. However, propolis is no new discovery – it has at least a 5,000-year history, and was […]

Basic knowledge about propolis

Basics about propolis Bees couldn’t leave the protection and security of their beehive in the hands of enemies of the kingdom: viruses, bacterial, fungi etc, which are formed by the decomposition of pests that enter the swarm. Some examples are creatures like worms, rats, moths, spiders, etc. To combat these they discovered a resin that […]


Top ten reasons to take Forever Garlic Thyme

Forever Garlic Thyme Discover the top ten reasons to take Forever Garlic Thyme Buy Forever Garlic Thyme with 15% discount Forever Garlic Thyme is not sold in stores, you can only buy it online. Enter retail store to buy Forever Garlic Thyme today! Receive 15% discounts on orders of 100$ or more. For details please visit :  Forever […]

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