Sonya Skin Care Collection for Mothers Day

Sonya Skin Care Collection for Mother’s Day

When we think of Mother’s Day, we think of lavishing attention on the special women in our lives who have sacrificed so much for us. But why not extend that attention throughout the year?

Sonya Skin Care collectionWith the gift of the Sonya Skin Care Collection we can give Mom something that will not only help her preserve her youthful glow, it will also provide her with the opportunity to spend a few moments of each day taking care of herself for a change. Aloe Vera Store

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The five steps in the Sonya Skin Care Collection will encourage Mom to enjoy the pampering, rejuvenating benefits of healthy skin with Sonya Skin Care collection. The collection is produced with the finest natural ingredients we couldgather: aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea, and moisturizers. If anyone deserves some luxury it’s Mom, and your gift can help ensure that she remembers your admiration and love every day of the year.

Rest assured that she’ll take the time to enjoy the following steps of Sonya Skin Care collection:

1. Aloe Purifying Cleanser

will gently remove impurities and toxins left over from a long day. Made with fruit extracts and aloe, its naturally fresh cleansers will purify without drying and will moisturize the skin. Applied with the fingertips, this cleanser will give Mom a mini-facial feel every day of the week.

2. Aloe Refreshing Toner with White Tea

 is applied with a cotton ball or pad after the skin has been properly cleansed. The toner hydrates the skin withits alcohol-free formula. Mom will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Aloe Nourishing Serum with White Tea,

 when applied with the fingertips onto the face and neck,offers soothing moisturizing properties. Imagine Mom enjoying the stress release and healing benefits of a gentle facial massage each time she uses this serum.

4. Aloe Balancing Cream

 makes a perfect accompaniment to Aloe Nourishing Serum. It has special deep moisturizers that will leave Mom’s face feeling soft, smooth, and young again. The ingredients in this cream help to balance out the moisture creating a hydrating glow that Mom will treasure every day.

5. Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator

 is a great way to get that deep-cleansing feel. Aloe works as a moisturizing agent while tiny jojoba beads help exfoliate the layers. This special formula is gentle enough to use twice a week.

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Give the gift of Sonya Skin Care Collection for your MOM!!!

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