Shutting off Metabolic Syndrome

As busy city-dwellers often eat fast food, dine out with a lot of meat and little vegetables, and seldom do exercise, they have higher risk of obesity, thus triggering metabolic syndrome.

Definition of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a warning rather than a specific disease. It is a group of health problems occured at the same time, including central obesity (the main factor), high triglycerides, low highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar. If you have 3 or more of the following risk factors, you may be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome

Severity of Problem

According to International Diabetes Federation’s statistics, one-fourth of the adults throughout the world have metabolic syndrome. There are an avarage of 17 out of 100 people suffer from this  disorder. The sufferers are more vulnerable to coronary heard disease, stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases than normal people.

 Metabolic syndrome sufferers are twice and 5-6 times higher than normal people to have cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. And more cases are found in young pople – nearly 20% secondary school students are overweight while 10% of 20-29 age group has this disorder. Such youngsters are twice to 6 times higher than normal people to have heart disease and diabetes.

High risk of fat

Metabolic syndrome is featured with central obesity (excess body fat around the abdomen). In fact, fat cells are not only a stockhouse for storing body’s excess calories, but also are endorcrine tisues, affecting hormone secretion and body functions as follows: The more fat cells, the more seretion of cytokine, which causes inflammation and hardening of blood vessels, as well as lowers insulins sensitivity. The increase of fat reduces secretion of adiponectin that may echance insulin’s sensitivity The less fat, the less leptin, which may suppress appetite.
The underlying problem of metabolic syndrome is that the metabolism of fat around abdomen is faster, producing abundant free fatty acids. These free fatty acids will give  rise to fatty liver, gallstones, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Healthy Lifestyle

Balanced diet: regular meals with less oil, salt, sugar and more fiber NO smoking Less alcohol Regular body checkup More exercise, e.g. jogging for 30 minutes daily Healthy body weight (BMI: 18..5-22.9)

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