Peach Flavored Aloe Vera Drink


Our Forever Aloe drinks are among the most sought after Health and Nutritional drinks worldwide. However, if we were to choose one favorite of all – loved by young and old, men and women alike, the one unanimous choice would be certainly be the delicious and delectable Forever Aloe Bits N’ Peaches!

Here is a formidable combination of all the nutritious goodness of our patented Aloe Vera Gel with sun-dried Californian peach juice that gives it the most unique flavor! A taste sensation like never before, it contains pure hand cut chunks of Aloe Vera which get coated with the peach juice that leaves a sweet sensation in the mouth.
Forever Aloe Bits N’ Peaches provides another great way to enjoy 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel with just a touch of natural peach flavor and peach concentrate.

Buy it now! USAAloe Vera Gel: For many centuries, people all around the world have used Aloe Vera for its health benefits. Its cleansing, detoxifying and nutrient infusing attributes are well-known. By adding chunks of aloe to Forever Aloe Bits N Peaches! Forever has only added new dimension to the already nutritious product.

Fructose, or fruit sugar, is a simple monosaccharide found in many foods. Natural sources of Fructose are Honey, tree fruits, berries, melons and some root vegetables containing significant amounts of molecular fructose. Natural Fructose is the most easily digestible form of sugar.

Benefits of Peaches:

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  • Peaches are extremely rich in and potassium, apart from abounding in a number of other nutrients, making them rank very high in nutritional value and good for the health of an individual. Being rich in , peaches may help make the skin healthy and also add color to the complexion. The potassium content in peach is good for . Peaches consist of more than 70 percent water and are a , making them good for those trying to lose weight.
  • Peaches also provide carotenoids. Carotenoids are the pigments that give fruits and vegetables their rich red, orange and yellow colours. The primary benefit of carotenoids lies in their antioxidant potential. Carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are also known to promote .


With all these nutritive elements, Forever Bits N’ Peaches offers many healthful ingredients – all packed into a great-tasting drink. Pour over ice or mix with fruit juice, and enjoy the delightful taste of nature’s bounty any time of the day!
In fact, by using little bit of imagination and innovation, you can make delicious drinks and shakes using the Forever Bits N’ Peaches as a base product.

Instructions for use:

Shake the Forever Bits N’ Peaches container thoroughly before pouring it into the glass. Forever Bits N Peaches is aseptically processed allowing the formula to remain free of added preservatives and packaged in Tetra Pak packaging made with 100% recyclable materials to ensure that you are able to enjoy the fresh taste of undiluted aloe vera gel with all of the potent properties of aloe and peaches just as nature intended.

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