Nitric Oxide Supports Cardio Health

, why is it so important for Cardio Health?

We know that the endothelium, or lining of the blood vessel walls, is vitally important to cardiovascular health. The good news is that over the last two decades, dozens of studies have shown nitric oxide to have a powerful influence over the endothelium, promoting it to relax, loosen and thereby relive stress on the cardio system. In fact, nitric oxide is so important that American researchers won the Nobel Prize in 1998 for their work involving NO (Nitric Oxide).

Nitric Oxide L-arginine

Nitric Oxide has been shown to:

  • Help blood vessels to dilate, or become more “relaxed”. This can help improve blood flow.
  • Improve alertness
  • Increase muscle endurance
  • Enhance male sexual function.

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We asked Dr. Ferid Murad – Nobel Prize winning doctor about the , Nitric Oxide and Argi+

Why is cardiovascular health such a concern in today’s society?

Dr. Ferid Murad talkes about Nitric OxideIn today’s society, many of us have a compromised circulatory system. This is caused by many factors, including aging, smoking, stress, lack of exercise, processed and fast foods, not eating the right amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and not drinking enough clean water. In addition, factors such as being overweight can play a role in compromising our circulatory function.

A lot of people are talking about L-Arginine why is it important?

L-arginine is a vitally important amino acid that has many research articles published on it. The body actually produces L-arginine from certain foods. Due to the aging process, unhealthy lifestyle, diet, etc., the synthesis of L-arginine can be restricted.

L-arginine with synergistic nutrients and vitamins increases Nitric Oxide (NO) production. We know that Nitric Oxide helps keep arteries flexible, which leads to maintaining and supporting blood flow and cardiovascular health.

Can you explain why the link between L-arginine and Nitric Oxide (NO) is so important?

NO, Nitric Oxide is a molecule that is naturally produced by the body. It is produced in the inner layer of the blood vessel or arterial wall, called the endothelium. The endothelium plays a crucial role in the maintenance of vascular tone and structure. One of the major endothelium derived “mediators” is Nitric Oxide (NO), which is an endogenous (produced inside the body) messenger or signaling molecule. It is formed in the healthy vascular endothelium from its precursor molecule, which is the amino acid L-arginine.

Your research on Nitric Oxide (NO) won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine – can you tell us about that?

My key research demonstrated that Nitric Oxide acts as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system to make blood vessels dilate. Thus, I won the Nobel Prize on the discovery of some of the biological effects of NO (Nitric Oxide) and its role in cell signaling. This topic has now become one of the most rapidly growing areas in biology. In technical or biochemical terms, in many instances, Nitric Oxide mediates its biological effects by activating guanyl cylase and increasing cyclic GMP synthesis from GTP.

Can you tell us what else the science is saying about L-arginine, Nitric Oxide and increasing L-arginine in the body?

When the endothelium is deprived of Nitric Oxide, restriction of blood flow may occur. When blood does not flow freely through the arteries, poor cardiovascular function may result. Thus, Nitric Oxide is necessary to support and maintain a healthy cardio system. One way to increase Nitric Oxide is via exogenous oral supplementation with L-arginine, provided that the dose of L-arginine is controlled and that concomitant nutrition is provided.

Why does L-arginine represent a powerful tool to cardio support?

Unlike some conventional approaches to cardiovascular health, L-arginine provides a safe and effective support of one’s supplementation armamentarium, without adverse effects.

Millions of servings that include 5g per serving of L-arginine, together with other nutritional ingredients, have now been consumed without many of the side effects associated with other approaches. Thus, there is now a natural method of creating nitric oxide in the human body.

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What characteristics / benefits of Argi+ do you find most compelling?

I think the addition of certain fruit extracts is a very interesting approach – a cocktail of antioxidants and / or phytonutrients that may help trigger the pathway from L-arginine to Nitric Oxide production. There are some fruit extracts that are now becoming very popular for maintaining one’s cardio health – such as pomegranate extract, grape extract, and so forth.

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Nitric Oxide L-Arginine Argi Plus

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