Managing osteoporosis with good nutrition

literally means porous bones. As bones become   less dense and weaker, they are prone to fracture. It is not uncommon for  people to discover they have osteoporosis only after they suffered  fractures. In many cases, falls happen due to fresh fracture which the  sufferer was not aware of.

The symptoms of osteoporosis vary, and may  include:

 • Aching muscles

• Backache

• Getting shorter in height with  or without hunchback

• Bone fracture.

Prevention of osteoporosis is best  achieved through proper diet, nutrition and exercise during the growing-up  years when the bone formation process was at its strongest. For adults beyond  age 25 in general, diet, exercise and proper nutrition can play important  roles in prevention and management of osteoporosis.


Good nutrition provides building block for bones, osteiporosis.

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• Forever Calcium: Promotes good health  of bones and teeth with calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.

• Forever  Nature Min: Provides 11 minerals in a balanced ratio for maximum absorption.  Among the minerals are calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are essential for bone and teeth health. It is a wholesome mineral supplement  that is popular among consumers.

• Forever Lite: Provides the goodness of  protein, vitamins, minerals and other food factors, making it an excellent  supplement that contributes to a balanced diet.

 • Forever Argi+:  L-Arginine with strong antioxidant ingredients with Vitamin D3 added.

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Katalin Hidvegi
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