Maintain a healthy lifestyle, leave a wellness legacy

Become the best dad, the best parent

Our fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult for us to be the parents we always dreamed of being. Many of today’s dads can’t find enough energy to “have it all”: career, housework and family. Do you want to make a change and be the best dad? So what’s the best way to be the best dad possible while giving your kids the gift of your love and your health?

This Father’s Day, a good goal would be to commit to a healthier father/child relationshop by starting a new family activity that promots wellness, positive energy and bonding. Parents don’t need to be super fit to inspire their children – thy just need to be motivated. Fathers would do anything to help their children succeed in life. Avoiding disease is one of the best gifts they can give. This Father’s Day, think about the wellness legacy you want to leave your children. Encourage them to maintain a lifetime of fitness.

healthy lifestyle

Here are four ways that a family walking routine can benefit you.

  • Walking is vitually free. Simply head out the front door and get going. Walking togehter can give families time to talk.
  • Every time we walk, our heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood and oxygen. This helps us think more clearly, and it reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.
  •  The benefits of daily walking will carry over to other sports such as soccer, baseball, football or basketball. Every time you exercise you build muscle and power. After a few weeks you will feel more energized.
  • The mental health benefits of exercise are also great. Walking can combat depression and frustration. After 20 continuous minutes of exercise, the body produces endorphin hormones that increase self-esteem and reduce anxiety.
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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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