Living Forever FIT Success Story

Forever FIT Success story

Rustin, part of the pilot program in January 2014 for Forever FIT, shares his story and how his life has changed a year later.Rustin testimonial

You can tell that Rustin is a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention as the film crew sets up around him. This husband, and father of three is matter of fact when describing his weight loss journey and when he realized he needed to make a change.

“I’m 31 years old and had reached a weight that I had never been at before. It kind of scared me, to be honest,” Rustin explains. “I got to the point where I couldn’t wear my wedding ring anymore – it just wouldn’t fit. That’s when I realized I needed to really make a change and do something different.”

Rustin didn’t always struggle with his weight. He was an athlete in high school, playing both baseball and football. But as the years passed, he noticed the pounds were slowly piling on. He tried different programs, sometimes losing weight, sometimes not – but always struggled to maintain the weight loss after. It wasn’t until he was invited to join the pilot program for Forever FIT that he was finally able to make a permanent change for the better. During the trials, 12 participants were provided with the Forever FIT products, guidance on nutrition and access to a trainer.  Rustin achieved significant results and showed off his new look on stage at the Global Rally in London. In 90 days, Rustin had los 48 pounds, 28 inches and 13.6% of his body fat!

“The format of the program laid everything out for me – and that was something I needed, to have a basic guideline and something to go off of, ” Rustin says.

While he seems a bit quiet and reserved at times, Rustin comes alive when he talks about his family. He credits his beautiful wife Jill, and their children, with being a constant support and motivation.

“For me, I know that being healthy is something that will make a difference for the rest of my life. I have tree wonderful little girls that mean everything to me, and I know it’s important for me to be healthy, so I can be an active part of their life.”

Rustin also credits his trainers and friends, Brandon and Jason, with whom he completed the FIT trial, for helping to keep him on track with the programs as well.

“I’m a competitive guy and knowing those guys were there, in the morning challenging me, was a huge motivator.”

In the last year, many aspects of Rustin’s life have changed. He and his family spend more time being active – going for evening runs and bike rides. He has established healthy habits and built a confidence he’d never had before.  Rustin tell us,

“One of the main things that’s changed in me since going through the Forever FIT program is just the confidence and self-esteem that i now have. That’s really helped me throughout my life, at work, at home, being a husband and with my kids…. I’m really grateful for that.”

Despite all of these amazing accomplishments and transformations, there is one that sticks out most in Rustin’s mind: being able to put his wedding ring back on part way through his Forever FIT journey.

“I had accomplished that and it motivated me to keep working hard. It showed me that what I was doing was working and that I needed to keep going and not look back.”

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  • Moreen James March 10, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    i really need full assistance on how all this goes on, is it only Clean 9 that makes you pill off the pounds or it also ivovles FIT 1 and FIT 2 all together to loss weight?

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