Light Up your Lips! LED Lip Gloss with Aloe Vera!

Lip gloss is a Beauty Care product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre and sometimes subtle color. Forever Living has recognized the potential of a rapidly evolving Beauty Industry and has introduced a range of Luxurious lip shine – the new Sonya Luscious Lip Colour Collection!

LED Luscious Lip Gloss

Light up your lips with Sonya’s . This luxurious, nourishing gloss is infused with our very own Aloe Vera. Vibrant and subtle hues glisten with the touch of a button. The inbuilt brush lights up for perfect coverage every time and in any light! The slim-line mirror on the side makes touch ups easy and convenient. Available in different luscious shades, this collection of light-up Luscious Lip Colour from Sonya is the answer to the perfect smile! Sonya Luscious Lip Colour comes in a small cylindrical bottle.

Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and may be applied in different ways. Here are some helpful tips for applying lip gloss:

  • The best way to apply lip gloss is to start at the center of your top lip. Apply gloss from the center (the cupid’s bow) to the corner of your mouth in one long sweep and repeat on the other side. Then apply the gloss to the bottom lip in the same fashion.
  • If you have a problem with your lip gloss wearing off soon after you put it on, try these tips. First, don’t slather your lips in gloss. Over applying is the number one reason most lip glosses slide off of the lips so easily. A lighter coating will stick to your lips better. One good dip of your lip gloss brush should be enough. There is an exception to this rule though. If you want a much longer lasting gloss, you can blot with a paper towel of clean hand towel and reapply.
  • A common problem that many have with gloss and lipstick is bleeding when the color migrates outside of the natural lip line and creates an uneven border around the lips. The best way to combat lip gloss bleeding is to use one of our lip liners and create a gorgeous look by lining your lips, then lightly filling in the rest of your lips with it as well and apply Cashmere, Passion or Allure Luscious lips over it! This will not only help stop your gloss from bleeding but will also give you a glamorous, shimmery evening look!
  • Apply a light layer of Parfait or Ice and you have your own custom lip color. This works exceptionally well if you want to create nude glossy lips.
  • Plumping is a great way to enhance the volume of your lips and give them more definition. A trick for making lips appear fuller using gloss is to apply a dab of shiny lip gloss in the center of the bottom lip only. This will create the pouty look many women seek. But remember that you will have to try not to mash your lips together to maintain this look.
  • One of the best uses of this superb collection is to combine them with our range of lip colors to create your own custom colors. Any base color can be enhance with a coat of lip gloss. For instance, if you have a matte lipstick that you wish was sparkly, applying a layer of Luscious Ice gloss will make your wish come true. If you have lipstick that is too light for you, doesn’t show up, or the color just looks wrong, try putting Luscious Lush, Cashmere or Allure over it to change the color.

So get creative, use your imagination, mix and match and create numerous looks. Play around with your color and you will be able to create lots of new lip colors with the New Range of Sonya Luscious Lip Colour Collection!!!

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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