Keeping Kids fit and healthy

All parents hope that their children grow healthily and have strong physique. This  largely depends on healthy diets and balanced nutrition given to children for normal growth and well-being. As nutrition is vital for body and mental development, malnutrition will result in abnormal growth and adverse effects on health. However, excessive nutrition may lead to obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
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Healthy Kids
Proper Nourishment
The 7 major nutrients needed by the body are: protein,  fat, carbohydrate, water, vitamins, minerals and fiber. These nutrients can  be absorbed from daily diets and children are not encouraged to over-eat or  picky on food. For the sake of balance nutrition, good dietary habits should  be developed which focuses not only on food types, but also the quality  and quantity. Food pyramid is a good tool to explain how to consume  different kinds of food.
Rice and noodles not only supply energy  for the body in form of starch and carbohydrates, but also contain abundant  fiber, protein, vitamins A, B, E, phosphorous, iron and potassium, etc. The  consumption is the highest among all food groups.
Fruit &  Vegetable
As the main sources of vitamins and minerals, they are essential  for body and mental growth; boost immunity and prevent constipation.
Egg,  Meat & Dairy
They provide protein and calcium required for child growth,  which aid in cell repair, facilitate metabolism, maintain bone and tooth   health. But excessive consumption will give rise to obesity and high  cholesterol.
Salt, Sugar & Fat
Such foods at the top of the pyramid  should be eaten sparingly because they can also be obtained from other food  groups. Excessive amount is unfavorable to health.
Obesity Problem
According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s  survey, the obesity level of Hong Kong students has doubled in more than a  decade – increased from 11.3% to 22.5% and from 8.9% to 16.8% for over weight  boys and girls respectively. Researchers also found that 24- 44% of obese   adults had the same problem in childhood. Moreover, more than 60%  overweight children aged 5- 15 involve in at least 1 contributing factor of cardiovascular problems, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes,  stroke and kidney dysfunction. Therefore kids are recommended to do more  exercises, e.g. jogging, swimming and cycling for 30 minutes each time, 3 –  6 days weekly and consume more fruits and vegetables.
No Food  Picking
Food picking, coupled with eating high fat and low fi ber   snacks and fast food, results in unbalanced nutrition, thus over  weight and under weight problems. A survey revealed that 43.2% children  are picky eaters; 60% of them consume less than 1 serving of vegetables and 1  serving of fruits daily; nearly half of them often do not have 3 regular meals. Food picking affects nutrient absorption, causing vitamin  and mineral deficiency. This will lead to growth delay and barriers in  mental development. In addition to helping children quit such bad habits,  parents can also consider the use of dietary supplements.
Importance of  Having Breakfast
According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s  research, more than 10% primary students skip breakfast, but they gain  weight because of eating more snacks. Experts find that skipping breakfast  will affect brain development, causing low concentration, lower blood sugar  level and thus emotional instability. As breakfast is usually replaced by  calorie-rich, nutrient-poor snacks, children become obese and deficient of minerals, affecting bone development.

Balanced :

  1. Forever Lite / Forever Lite Ultra 2  shakes a day provide 100% RDI of vitamins and  minerals.Contain 18 amino acids (including 8 essential ones) and trace  elements including iron, selenium, chromium and iodine. Mixed  with skim milk or soya drinks as nutritious breakfast.
  2. Forever Kids Phytonutrient base take from carrots, acerola, broccoli,  spinach, cabbage and apples, etc. No  sugar, aspartame, artificial colors or preservatives. Chewable tablets.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel / Berry Nectar Improves Digestion. Replace  high sugar and high caloric drinks on the market.
  4. Forever Bee Propolis Boosts Immunity. Flavonoid’s content is 500 times higher than citrus, in which its antioxidant power activates vitamins C and E. Stimulate white blood cells and lymphatic cells to produce  interferon for higher immunity.
  5. Absorbent-C Each tablet contains 60 mg of vitamin C; 500mg of oat bran is added  to lock in vitamin C for full absorption. Vitamin C boosts the quantity and activeness of interferon and immune cells.

by Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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