How to Support the Digestive System with Good Probiotic?

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We are what we eat, or if we think further, we are what we digest. In reality what we digest is more important than what we eat. Therefore proper functioning of our body, different organs and different systems depend on whether nutrition in the food we intake, has reached to the right place or not? So functions of the Body and its different systems to a very large extent depends on the .

To make our food digestible, Bacteria (Probiotics) play a vital role. These Probiotics are found in our body naturally and we also get them from foods like – Yoghurt, Butter Milk, Cottage Cheese, Yeast etc.

Our life style, eating habits, excessive use of medicines and stressful life increase or decrease the level of these Probiotics. In certain conditions it decreases good probiotics and in certain circumstances it increases bad probiotics. This imbalance that crops up in the digestive system is known as DYSBIOSIS in scientific language. DYSBIOSIS increases the level of yeast and harmful bacteria which can be directly attributed to health conditions like IBS, Pain in Joints etc.

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Forever Active Probiotic has been designed to support a healthy digestive system. These are small and easily digestible “Beadlets”. Six types of Probiotics have been contained in the three layered Beadlets. First layer saves the Stomach area from ACID, second layer leaves some probiotics in the small intestine which helps the food to digest and remaining probiotics in the third layer opens in the Large Intestine ( Colon), where it increases the number of and destroys the Bad Bacteria. This is the miraculous combination of Science and Technology.

Forever Active Probiotics has six types of Bacteria, which helps our body as follows:

  • 1. Lacto Bacillus Acidophilus

it inhibits the production of harmful bacteria. While making the food into a pulp, it produces Lactic Acid and Hydrozen Peroxide which helps to protect us from harmful bacteria.

  • 2. Bifidobacterium Longum

These are found in the stomach area of all mamals naturally. But as we grow older, their numbers starts decreasing and it is seen that in certain cases it decreases from 9-% to 5%.

  • 3. Bifidobacterium Lactis

This is a very powerful Probiotic which strengthens our Immune System, corrects our Digestive System and also helps regulate the cholostrol level.

  • 4. Lacto Bacililus Rhamnosus

This Probiotic is naturally found in our body which helps to products the Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid helps regulate the pH balance level in our body, controls the hyper acidity in our body, regulates the harmful bacteria in the acidic environment and helps save our body from many comminicable disease.

  • 5. Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

These Probiotics help to digest the Lactose, specially for those people who cannot digest Lactose. For example Milk and Milk based products.

  • 6. Lactobacillus Plantarum

This Probiotic is found in the Large Intestine (Colon). It makes a covering shield which stops the harmful bacteria to reach the blood.

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Our Digestive System is an important link between our Food and our Body. It is very important that the food we eat should be properly digested. But because of some reasons when the number of good probiotics reduces, it is a great task to get these probiotics in the required area. This work is being done by Forever Active Probiotic in an excellent way. To produce the and help them to reach is the right place is a great combination of Science and Technology, which FLP has done in a proven way.

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