How to keep Germs at a Distance?

The over populated cities and towns provide fertile conditions for germs and viruses to spread rapidly. So you’ll want to do what you can to help make sure it does not make its way to you!

keep germs awayThe easiest way to catch infection is by rubbing your nose after handling an infected object, including anything that someone sneezed on. Experts say that cold and flu germs have shown potential to live for 48 hours or more. So while you’ll want to remember to avoid rubbing your nose, it’s also good practice to wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and .

Hera are 3 products from Forever Living that can help you stay sanitized this season.

Put one of these pump-dispensers wherever you have a faucet, and you’ll never be far away from the smooth, silky clean formula that moisturizes as it cleanses. This added moisturize is a huge plus during those days when we’re subjected to so many indoor hours with forced air conditioning or even  crowded outdoor spaces. The feeling itself will be a gentle reminder to wash away the germs.

Perfect for those situations when your don’t have water handy, Forever Hand Sanitizer with its pleasant lemon and lavender scent kills 99.99% of the germs that threaten your good health. The 2 oz bottle is the perfect size for stashing in your purse or pocket, in your car or in your desk drawer. Also, unlike some harsh hand sanitizers, Forever Hand Sanitizer has the smoothness of aloe and honey to hydrate and moisturize while you’re killing germs.

Aloe Activator contains Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel and Allantoin, an organic cell renewal agent. Aloe Activator is incredibly versatile. Although regarded as a principal component of the Aloe Fleur de Jouvence regime, it is extremely effective for a number of other purposed such as a skin cleanser and freshener. In this capacity apply to a cotton ball and wipe the entire area of the skin to be sanitized gently and thoroughly until clean.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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