Handle summer injuries with Aloe. First Aid Tips not only for kids.

Handle summer injuries with Aloe

Scraped knee

Dab the cut with a washcloth and rinse with aloe liquid soap and water. Stop bleeding by applying pressure with a soaked cloth with aloe first spray, then cover with aloe vera gelly and a bandage.

Summer injuries and aloe vera

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Sooth with cool baths, massage it with aloe moisturizing lotion (or aloe lotion) mixed with aloe vera gelly. You can apply aloe first spray to cool the skin down. Redness and irritation should go away within a couple of days. Apply it frequently to avoid blisters. Call your doctor if your child develops blisters.

Poison ivy

If you think your child has touched this oily triple-leafed plant, wash her with aloe liquid soap (and her clothes) within 10 minutes of contact to help lessen the reaction. A bumpy, blistery rash may still show up within a week. Manage your child’s itchiness with aloe first spray frequently and apply aloe creme over the rash if it is not blistery. Otherwise use aloe vera gelly.

Bee or wasp sting

Flick out the stinger with a credit card or your fingernail, then apply an ice pack to prevent swelling. Spray it with Aloe first spray to releif the pain and apply Aloe lips frequently.

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