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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with Forever Living

Another Mother’s Day is upon us. Unlike Father’s Day, we can’t just go to the store for a tie or golf balls – no, we need to consider what a mom or wife would really want on her special day. Mom spends most of her time caring for others, so why not give her an opportunity to put herself first? Forever Living offers a wide range of products that let mom pamper herself.

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  1. Aloe Lips
    Mom’s lips get a workout – whether she’s kissing the kids as they head off to school, or easing the pain of a boo-boo. But harsh weather, sun damage and pollution can take their toll on delicate lip skin. Help keep mom’s lips in kissing shape by giving her Aloe Lips with Jojoba. With a combination of pure, natural ingredients such as aloe, jojoba and beeswax, Aloe Lips has a strong moisturizing formula to help reduce the effects of life’s wear and tear.
  2. Forever Alluring Eyes
    Mom’s eyes get little rest: she’s always looking after her family. Forever Alluring Eyes is a perfect gift for mom, since it may rejuvenate her skin, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and help relieve the puffiness caused by many hours of caring for others. Made with aloe vera gel and several light, natural emollients, Forever Alluring Eyes moisturizes without the heavy greasiness found in some eye products. Enriched with vitamin E, this product can help keep mom’s eyes smiling well past her special day.
  3. Forever Aloe Scrub
    Do you know any mom who are so busy, even the simple ritual of face-washing gets put to the side? Encourage mom to enjoy the small pleasures of life by giving her this natural exfoliator. Forever Aloe Scrub is gentle enough for everday use, so mom can enjoy a mini-spa treatment as she gently massages the aloe vera gel and jojoba oil into her skin each morning or evening.
  4. Forever Marine Mask
    This Mother’s Day, offer your favorite woman the gift of self-pampering. Forever Marine Mask is a rich mix of deep-cleansing ingredients that may help balance the skin while providing intense moisturizing. The real gift for mom might be the 15-20 minutes of relaxation she gets while the mask works its magic on her skin, leaving her face revitalized and soft. With natural quality ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, cucumber extract, and natural sea minerals, mom’s face will be radiant, and her spririt will be refreshed.
  5. Alpha-E Factor
    Moms like to splurge on their family members. This month, why not treat mom to a rich, powerful treatment that will help her look and feel younger? Forever Alpha-E factor enhances elasticity in the skin with special ingredients such as vitamin A & C. It also offers antioxidants and emollients that moisturize skin from within, normalizing and balancing even dry and . With just a couple of drops of Alpha-E Factor added to her beauty regimen, Mom will be well on her way to fighting free radical damage.

This Mother’s Day, let Forever Living Products help you get Mom the perfect gift. This is the perfect day to show moms that we appreciate all they do. Show Mom you really care with these Forever products that will pamper her all year ’round!

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Katalin Hidvegi
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