Forever Young at age 102. Interview with an active distributor

Forever Young

Have you ever wondered how to ? Have you ever thought of the idea how you could extend your life? Would you add an extra 20-30 or even more years to your life? Do you want to meet your grand-grand-grand daughter or son? What if I released the secret of a woman who knows the secret how to be young forever, how to extend life or how to add years to your happy life? Or would you like to extend a life of a loved one? If your answer is YES to any of these questions please read this interview below:

 Ms Oikawa Shisuka, a 102 years old active Forever Living distributor explains her secret to her healthy and long life:

Incredible, fantastic and admirable! Still active at age 102 as a Forever Living distributor!

Ms Oikawa Shisuka: I feel I have a mission to do – to let everyone know that Aloe Vera gives me the .

You were born in 1910 in a turbulent time, and encountered many hardships. How did you manage it?

Ms Oikawa: My persistence and fearless mindset helps.

How did you get connected to Forever Living?

 Ms Oikawa: In 1996 when I was 86 years old, my daughter Kiyono Utamaro told me that taking balanced food promotes good health, and that people who drink Aloe enjoy good health. At that time, I was suffering from knee pain that made walking difficult.It was a result of carrying many things, including 30 kg cases of wine between the store and cellar daily. I was managing a food outlet at that age.

How did Forever Living products benefit you?

Ms Oikawa: Drinking Aloe Vera as part of my diet keeps me healthy. Besides being a little hard of hearing, I do not suffer from any inconvenience at all. When I tell people I am 102, people get shocked with disbelief [laughter].

What are the Forever Living products you use daily and what amounts do you use?

Ms Oikawa: Daily, I take Aloe Vera Gel 500 ml, 10 tablets of Forever Bee Pollen and 8 tablets of Bee Propolis (Propolis tablets are crushed and I would drink it with water, or added to soup). I apply Aloe Heat Lotion to my feet after performing farm work and tending to plants. Even if I forget my meals, I would not forget to take my supplements for a day.

Take Forever Living Products for a long healthy life

According to this interview with  , 102 years old Forever Living Distributor, she drinks about 15 bottle of Aloe Vera Gel, takes 3 bottles of Forever Bee Pollen and 4 bottles of Forever Bee Propolis on a monthly basis.

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Forever Young

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Building her Global business with Forever Living Since 2008. She is originally from Hungary, a mother of 3 boys.Working only part time she achieved Manager level in 2011 in Brooklyn, New York.
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