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Forever Lite Ultra smGood nutrition starts with a balanced diet. is a nutritious meal replacement formulate to help you maintain diet and lifestyle. Two servings each day of Forever Lite, added to 10 ounces of skim milk provides a full 100% of the Reference daily intake (RDI) for various vitamins and minerals that we need for maintenance of good health. Forever Lite is delicious and nutritious, yet low in calorie.
One  , which makes one complete meal, contains about 200 calories only. This makes it very suitable for people who want to reduce their calorie intake without cutting down on the essential nutrients. PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) value exceeding 2.5. Recognized as high quality protein source, containing all the required amino acids. Provides various vitamins required for various biochemical processes. Contains various minerals for stronger teeth and bones plus for helping to regulate various body metabolism processes. Contains fiber to give that full satisfied feeling, plus helping to prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol. An ideal balanced food for controlling body weight.

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I want to take a warm nutritious drink that has quality protein. How do you make the drink without being concerned that heat may destroy some of the nutritional content?

  • You can use warm water, add in milk powder and Forever Lite Ultra – this gives a thick nutritious drink. Or if you like fresh milk, first add milk to Forever Lite ultra, then add in warm water of about 50 degree Celsius. Either way, you can enjoy tasty Forever Lite Ultra with all its nutritional goodness.

What are the benefits of in Forever Lite Ultra?

  • Chromium is a trace mineral which helps insulin to carry out its function in our body. Chromium can be sourced from unprocessed grains, yeast, beef, beer, diary products, chicken, seafood, eggs, potatoes and fruits. unfortunately, Chromium is not easily absorbed from these food sources and can very easily to get destroyed during processing or cooking. So Forever Lite Ultra contains the type of Chromium that is easily absorbed i.e. GTF Chromium (GTF stands for Glucose Tolerance Factor).
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