Forever Alluring Eyes soothes and hydrates around your eyes

Forever soothes, hydrates around your eyes

Every day we take time to care for our skin, however we tend to neglect the delicate and highly visible area around the eyes. This spring, awaken and condition the skin around your eyes with Forever Alluring Eyes, a formulated to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines and under-eye circles. Your eyes will look and feel relaxed and refreshed with this conditioning cream, now available in a 1oz, easy-to-use tube!

forever alluring eyes

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Forever Alluring Eyes both hydrates and soothes the delicate area around your eyes. It is rich in some of the finest ingredients including Aloe Barbadensis Extract, natural emollients derived from coconut and jojoba oils, soften and moisturize the skin. These natural compounds work synergistically to create a fine, smooth cream without the greasy feel.

Applying Forever Alluring Eyes is simple: using your ring finger, do not eye cream along the edge of the bone surrounding the eye, and gently pat (do not rub) this conditioning cream into the skin until it is completely absorbed. For best results, use Forever Alluring Eyes both morning and evening.

Highlight your bright, clear eyes by trying the following steps each morning on fresh, clean skin:

  • Condition around the eyes with Forever Alluring Eyes
  • Conceal dark circles and blemishes with the Sonya Colour Concealer Wheel. The exceptional quality of these correcting colours will help you blend away imperfections and even your skin tone for a natural, flawless finish.
  • Brighten your eyes with your favorite Sonya Eyeshadows, Moonlight, Sunfire and Glacier Ice are three great colors to add to your collection.
  • Line your lids with your favorite Sonya Eye Pencil and don’t forget to blend!
  • Apply Sonya Mascara for a finished look.

Be sure to complete your beauty regime each evening by removing your eye makeup with Sonya Eye Makeup Remover before going to bed, because clean skin is healthy skin! This oil-free, lightweight formula works quickly and gently thoroughly remove eye makeup while gently conditioning and moisturizing your eyelashes. It contains our own stabilized aloe vera gel to provide the caring, soothing step in your daily skin care routine, be sure to get a good night’s sleep – as rested eyes are beautiful eyes!

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