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Our modern way of living often makes it difficult to stay healthy. This is particularly true of our diet. We eat far too many foods high in sugar, processed carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and chemicals, and we don’t eat enough vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other whole foods.

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There’s also one other area of the modern diet that is drastically lacking. In fact, it’s such problem that many health experts consider it a major contributing factor to several of today’s so-called lifestyle conditions involving the cardiovascular system, brain and more.

The problem?

Most of us today consume only a small fraction of healthy fats called Omega-3 fatty acids necessary to maintain optimal health. On the flip side, most of us eat far higher levels of Omega-6 fats. This can create an unhealthy imbalance of omega-3 fats versus Omega-6 fats. Over 100,000 studies confirm Omega-3 fats are critical to all kinds of body functions, including the building of new cells, supporting cardiovascular, brain, vision and skin health as well as joint function and mobility.

Omega-3 Fats Essential to Optimal Health

Omega-3 fats are critical to good health, and considering the body cannot make them, it’s essential we obtain them from our diet. We also know that essential fatty acids – typically in the form of fish and other sea life – have been a dietary staple in various cultures over thousands of years. Over the last several decades, scientists have revealed the importance of two Omega-3 fats – DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA eicosapentaenoic acid). In the 1970s, Danish physicians observed that Greenland natives (often called “Eskimos”) had an exceptionally low incidence of cardiovascular disease and arthritis despite the fact that they consumed a high-fat diet. It was soon determined that the large amounts of fish they consumed was high in DHA and EPA. Other research has shown that cultures consuming high levels of essential Omega-3s like DHA and EPA from sea-based foods also exhibit substantially lower levels of problems common to the modern Western lifestyle.

Modern Essential Fat levels severely imbalanced

The findings from research on essential fats show that the optimal ratio of Omega-3 fats to Omega-6 fats should be anywhere from 1-to-1 to 1-to-4. Unfortunatelly, Omega-3 consumption has declined over the past century while intake of Omega-6 fats has dramatically increased. The result? The ratio of Omega-3 fats has risen to as high as 1-to-30 in the modern diet! This unhealthy imbalance is a result of people eating very little fish and other seafood while consuming extraordinarily high levels of vegetable oils, grain-fed animal fat, fake-butter products, and other convenience foods. And it’s a major contributor to an unhealthy inflammatory state that contributes to a variety of the modern health challenges we commonly face.

Forever Artic Sea Offers Unique Solution

Forever Artic Sea

In the face of the sobering statistics surrounding the consumption of Omega-3 essential fats, the significantly imbalanced intake of Omega-6 fats, and the resulting skyrocketing rates of health concerns, Forever Living a long-time leader in the wellness and nutrition industries, has developed Forever Artic Sea, a unique product that can help people everywhere achieve an optimal intake of Omega-3 essential fats.

Forever Artic Sea delivers a comprehensive Omega-3 essential fatty acid profile in a proprietary blend of natural , calamari oil and high-oleic olive oil that supports optimal overall cellular health as well as the functioning of the cardiovascular system, brain, eyes and more.

Forever Living leaders emphasize that Forever Artic Sea provides a formula of essential fats from sources rarely seen in other products. “Fish oil is supported by thousands of studies, as is olive oil,” says Rex Maughan, Chairman and CEO of Forever Living. “But adding DHA-rich calamari oil to the formula places it head-and-shoulders above the competition.”

Maughan also goes on to explain that the Forever Artic Sea product’s new and improved formula provides not only 33% more DHA per day, but also creates the perfect balance of DHA and EPA. The levels of active DHA in the body are typically much lower than they should be, and points to a need to consume higher amounts of DHA. “With Forever Artic Sea, consumers everywhere now have an easy way to increase their DHA consumption and achieve an improved essential fatty acid profile in their diets, ” says Maughan.

Newfound Health and in Forever Artic Sea

So how can Forever Artic Sea help you, you’re asking? As mentioned, today’s modern diet is significantly imbalanced, leading to a chronic inflammatory state that leads to a wide array of health concerns. We are suffering at the cellular level; that is, our cells are dysfunctional, which contributes to any number o specific conditions and deteriorating overall health.

Forever Artic Sea helps support the health and function of the cells, particularly the cells in the brain, eyes, heart and blood vessels and other vital organs,” say Steve Hatchett, General Manager of Forever Living. “In turn, this can translate into very dramatic health benefits for the entire body.”

In a time when so many factors threaten our health, Forever Living is confident that Forever Artic Sea provides a unique an effective solution. “The way we eat – particularly our consumption of Omega-3 essential fats – is way out of balance. And we’re suffering as a result, ” says Hatchett. “But with Forever Artic Sea, we now have a way to help correct that imbalance and enjoy a newfound level of wellness and health.”

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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