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Forever Living Discounts

There are 2 options to do something about your future:

Buy products online as a retail customer, no minimum purchase required ( Forever Living Discounts) or

Buy products as a MEMBER and receive up to 30% Forever Living discounts.

You won’t need to apply this Forever Living discounts every time you want to shop and you won’t need to search for a promotional coupon or code. However you should register today to lock in your Forever Living discounts. Forever Living discounts will kick in right away, who have registered today to this discount offer will be able to apply this discount towards future purchases. If you decide later not to use the products or this Forever Living discounts, that’s your choice, you have nothing to lose.

There are 2 main membership levels (New Distributors and Distributors). Each membership gives you access to buy products with discounts. As a new distributor you will receive 15% discount right after registration. Signing in to your personal Forever Living account with your personal distributor id number will give you the privilege to save money of orders of $100 or more. No purchase required at registration.

1. Basic / Starter Membership/ 15% Forever Living Discounts:

Forever Living 15% discounts- new distributor membership – free online registration, no membership fee, no obligation, no commitment - instant 15% savings and on future purchases of 100$ or more – experience the benefits of Aloe Vera drinks and other Forever Living Products. – buy directly from the producer and manufacturer, no third party needed – fast and reliable shipping – lock in your discount forever, no expiration date, – receive your 15% discount worldwide ( you need to inform home office in advance which country you want to use your card) – you can make a 15% retail profit by selling the products for your customers or sponsor / register new people for free to get access to the discounted products. Check out the New Distributor Price List

2. Advanced membership / wholesale buyer/ 30% Forever Living Discounts:

Forever Living 30% discounts- you start with the basic membership and upgrade to the advanced membership to receive an additional 15% Forever Living Discounts- for satisfied, returning customers who want to increase their savings up to 30% or – for those who want to make profit and start their home based business by simply recommending and promoting the products – spend over 340$ on products (shipping and tax excluded) in 2 consecutive months (applies to multiple purchases as well) and receive an additional 15% forever living discounts, buy it wholesale (30% off) – receive a 5% rebate check after your purchase which is calculated from the retail price of the products. It will be sent by FLP on the 15th of each month. It is like saving 35% on your order. (30%+5%) – lock in your 30% forever living discounts on orders of 100$ or more forever, no monthly activity required – make 30% retail profit by selling the products for your customers – sponsor / register people and receive 20% – 33% new distributor profit depends on your distributor level – you can start your internet /online business by marketing the products through your personalized official website.

How do you actually receive Forever Living Discounts?

Register above to become a basic member and get your forever living discounts card (distributor card) which means you purchase your products at a new distributor price. You save 15% instantly. Just fill out the application form and wait about 5-10 minutes until you receive your personal id number and temporary password. (this waiting period could take upto 24-48 hours) There is no obligation, no need to sell or distribute the products, you just buy them for your personal and family use in order to save some money. Application is free, there is nothing to lose. Who doesn’t want to save money???

Receive Forever Living Discounts worldwide

Don’t forget: the forever living products discount card is valid worldwide for the rest of your life. Don’t need to renew it or re-register. With forever living products discount card you can enjoy shopping and save money forever. You can print out your discount (distributor card) when visiting www.foreverliving.com under ‘MY ACCOUNT’ tab.

We've Got The Perfect Discount for You!

It's 100% FREE to JOIN!


price for ARGI+


  • No Registration
  • No Minimum Order
  • No Discount
  • 0$ Discount
  • No Rebate
  • 0$ Total Savings


price for Argi+


  • FREE Registration
  • 100$ Minimum Order
  • 15% Discount
  • 9.09$ Discount
  • No Rebate
  • 9.09$ Total Savings


price for Argi+


  • FREE Registration
  • 100$ Minimum Order
  • 30% Discount
  • 18.18$ Discount
  • 3.03$ (5%) Rebate
  • 21.21$ Total Savings

How to shop with Forever Living Discounts Card?

5-10 minutes after registration check your email and write down your id number and password! To buy the products 15% cheaper with your Forever Living Discount Card, you need to login to your account as a distributor at www.foreverliving.com ,find on the right upper corner: distributor login click on it. Next step is to type in your personal id number or registered email address with your temporary password. At first time login you need to add a security question with answer and save it. Your temporary password will expire so you must change it. For purchasing products you need to click ‘SHOP NOW’ and you will see the already discounted price! Shipping cost is a flat rate of $7.50 ground delivery on orders of 600$ or less. Over 600$ shipping will be calculated according to the actual weight of the products.

What if my Forever Living order is over $600?

I don’t recommend you to place your first order if it is more than 380$. This is what I suggest you to do: place your first order which is equal or no more than 380$. Wait 30-40 minutes until your additional 15% discount will be applied to your membership. When you see that the Forever Living Discounts applied and the price of the Aloe Vera gel’s price dropped to 12.60$ then it is time to place the rest of your order.

If you would like to learn more about our products I recommend you to visit my Forever Living Product’s Focus Page for detailed information.

Forever Living Discount Card Sample

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One of the greatest sources of illness in the world today is an empty wallet. If you want to decrease the number of stomach problems or the ill-effects of depression, then give a person a chance to earn a living - this is a powerful remedy.
Rex Maughan
- founder of Forever Living Products L.L.C.

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