Clean 9 weightloss program Day 6

My experience with 9:

Yesterday night I could not fall asleep, I was awake till  3.15am than I woke up 5.15am like I had enough sleep. Never happens to me.  I followed the booklet. I weighted myself. I had 25 minutes exercise, plus situps, I did see changes in my body I am happy with. My team members are talking too much about the turkey sandwich in Subways (560 Cal) so I did not think much and get one for  myself. I could finish the whole footlong, but did not. I wanted to stay withing  the 600 calories with my Forever Argi+. I have no hunger at all, no cravings. I feel full of energy even I DID NOT sleep more that 2 hours yesterday. Before I forgot to mention today I got some pimples on my face, which is normal when you your body. So to pamper myself I did a facial with Fleur de Jouvence and applied Aloe Propolis creme for the pimples.    I am still confident to finish the program,  especially because now I see the results! With Clean 9 I’m not only loosing weight but gaining confidence. For 3 years I  was thinking that I am unable doing Clean 9 and now I am almost over the 6th days without cheating.  I’ve also noticed that I have more strenght. I think I was influenced by the  negative stories I had heard about Clean 9 before.

How could we avoid that in the future?

Anita’s experience on 6th day of Clean 9:

I personally had a very bad experience with Clean 9 for the first time and I know many who also did. Especially those who work with chemicals and those who has a very unhealthy diet or has chronic constipation like I had, are at risk to have a stronger reaction to the detoxification. When you tell your distributors the possibilities and the facts about Clean 9 I believe that you are trying to help them not to turn them down. Someone can be turned away from Forever Clean 9  if they’re not informed well.

Nali’s day 6th with Clean 9:

I can’t believe I am at Day 6 of Clean 9 already. It doesn’t hurt, it is painless, I feel better, with more energy and I am doing more things with my kids, like chasing them around the backyard. Usually I am too “lazy” to do that, but this time, they have to keep up with me! I have not lost as much as the first two days, but I have lost 1½ inches around my hips since the last time I measured! I had a turkey sub yesterday; the subway girl told me that half a sub was 600 calories, so I only bought half, and then looked online and saw that I can have a whole footlong! So I went and had a green tea latte and ate some seaweed, yum ;)!! I will try a footlong today, but maybe the verggiemax instead of turkey, for fun. This Clean 9 is great because even though I bought a lot of chocolates and candy for the little ones yesterday, and played Easter bunny, I did not have any cravings for chocolate so it was easy not to eat any. I can’t wait to catch up with you guys!

Anita’s experience with Clean 9:

 I have been really surprised of myself too how I ignored all the delicious food we have got on the table the past couple of days. I think it is not only Clean 9 but our mind as well in great power when you set a goal and you have the willingness to reach that no matter what.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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