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Clean 9 Testimonial:

My name is Muriel Dahan, I am 52 and eight years ago, I finally gave up smoking.  This was great but, over the next year, I started piling on the pounds. A year  on from that, I suffered a lot of stress at work and again compensated with  food. As a result I found myself in 2009 weighing a massive 98 kilos! I would  struggle to go up two flights of stairs and realised my health was really  suffering. I started the Clean 9 in October 2009.

Forever Clean 9 weight loss
Although the first two days look really tough going, I found them really refreshing. Being free from food was good, the products kept hunger at bay and I  was feeling full of energy. I found it harder going through days 3 to 9 as it  was hard to keep down to a 600 calorie meal a day. However, I was thrilled to  find that at the end of the 9 days, I had lost 4 kilos. That was a great  achievement. I decided I would continue to be careful with what I ate and to  exercise more. However, I made the mistake of not continuing on to the  Nutri-Lean stage. So, although I did not put the weight back on, I did not lose  any more either.
A few months went by and in April 2010, I realised I was really unhappy with  the way my body felt. I hated shopping for clothes and would not look at myself  in a mirror. I realised it was time I did get back on to our weight management  programme, and this time, I would not give up until I got to my target weight.  So, mid April, weighing 94 kilos, I embarked onto the Clean 9 again. I followed  it closely, again, did not feel too hungry and coped well with the food intake  reduction thanks to the products I was taking. By the end of the 9 days, I had  lost another 4 kilos and this time, I carried on with the Nutri-Lean programme. I followed the instructions, exercised regularly through the week, counted  calories and weighed and measured myself regularly. As a result, since  mid-April, I have steadily lost weight and have now lost 14 kilos (2 stones!). I  have also lost 2 ½ inches round my waist and the same amount round my thighs,  which means I have lost 2 dress sizes. My target is to reach my ideal weight, 76  kilos, before the end of the year and I know I shall achieve it as I feel so  much better and happier in myself that I do not want to go back to the bad old  days!

Thanks to Nutri-Lean, I am feeling much healthier than I had for years, and I  have achieved this with discipline but without feeling that I was starving  myself; and I know that I shall not put the weight back on because I have not  been on a yo-yo diet. I have fed my body the nutrients it needs without piling  on the calories.

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