Clean 9 weight loss program Day 8

9 on the 8th day

Hi Everyone! Good News! I survived yesterday. I realized that I forgot about my  Aloe Gel yesterday afternoon, probably that’s why I felt so hungry. I realized it during my shower. So I drank it with water and went to bed early (11pm). This morning I got up very early 6am, felt great, no hunger and full of  energy. I had my breakfast and did a 30 minutes exercise on my Lateral Thigh Trainer, burned 200 calories.

Clean 9 day 8I feel funny because I’ve just noticed (on day 8 of clean 9)  that my Lateral Trainer shows the burned calories. I did sit ups with the kids, I really enjoyed it. I  didn’t go to Subways today. This is also a great  challenge for me if I want to keep my shape after the Clean 9 program. I have to learn  more about calories and healthy cooking and serving size. I have a great book  with a list of calories I can check it all the time. My fridge is empty this week so there is no temptation there and there is no Easter Ham or anything like  that… and I will not go for Easter shopping neither. I had pork chop again with wild rice and broccoli florets. Another great news!!! I just went outside to talk to my neighbour who noticed my clean 9 weight loss. She wanted  to lose weight for a long time, but could not. So I was talking about our Clean 9 program, our Clean 9 team and told her that if we can do it (stay at home moms, a 72 year old and a truck driver!) she can do it too. I was so excited talking about it, she told me she  goes home and starts drinking the aloe gel and tea again. She gets ready and  starts Clean 9 on 1st of next month. She asked me to order the Clean 9 program asap!!!! She is just a  retail customer, never wanted to register to get discount… so I made some pocket-money with my  clean 9 weight loss experience!!! I will follow-up with her and motivate her daily. She has no  computer, she can not read our comments but I will share with her everything!!! Please let us know if you have similar stories! I would love to hear it!

Anita’s experience with Clean 9 on day 8:

I have tried the delicious Subway sandwich today. I went with the 6 inch grilled chicken on italian herbs. It was just the perfect choice after visiting the aquarium and walking on the boardwalk. Wow it was hot today I forgot to take my aloe sunscreen with me and my neck and shoulders got burnt a little 🙁 I have not done my exercise the past two days either but I always walk at least 2 hours or more every day) Tomorrow is our 9th day of Clean 9. We are catching up with you Kati and Joe!

Joe’s 8th Day of Clean 9:

Day 8 of the Clean 9 went great. No hunger pains and abundant energy, No cravings like I usually have. One day left! Hope everyone is doing as well. I’ve been thinking about doing this Clean 9 program twice a year.

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Katalin Hidvegi
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