Clean 9 weight loss program Day 5

My experience on the 5th day of 9:

I  had a very very busy day today on 5th day of Clean 9, however I had lots of energy in the morning I  had only time for a 20 minutes exercise, but I’ve noticed that my belly got  literally smaller. I had a meeting and got so engaged that I forgot about my  lunch. So I took the Forever Lite Ultra at this time and not the 600 calorie  meal as usual. Around 5pm I got really hungry, I was almost shaking. And of  course I also forgot to take my  vitamins in the morning, the most important:  Ginkgo plus which helps me to remember things. So no wonder I completely forgot  if I took Garcinia or not. I had a 3oz pork chop (208) with wild rice  (200cal) and cooked spinach (100cal) for dinner and drink my Argi+ (40cal).  While eating my dinner I was thinking about Garcinia… Tomorrow is Clean 9 measuring time for me  and Joe again! Denes, my husband told me that he can see I lost a lot, I don’t really feel it yet. Lets  see the Clean 9 results tomorrow! Also don’t forget to order your Nutri Lean Package if you want to follow the Clean 9 weight management program and lose more weight!!!

Joe’s Clean 9 experience on day 5:

Day 5 of Clean 9 Today I had a lot of energy and no cravings at all. I had a Forever Lite Ultra shake for breakfast and lunch. I do mix my shakes with skim milk. For supper again I had a turkey sub from Subway. Only 580 calories. Usually I can eat the whole sub at one sitting but I’m finding that I fill full consuming only half of the sub, which is 290 calories. This Clean 9 program rocks. When I first started I thought no way can I stay with it to the end but once you get past the first two days,  it is easy. Keep up the good work everybody!

Janos and Kata’s experience

Hey Clean 9 Team!! This is not funny at all…. last night I couldn’t sleep 🙁 I went to bed about 11:30 PM and couldn’t sleep until 3:30 AM. I was supposed to get up at 6 and start driving but its 10 AM now …my brain was working crazy, I felt like when I was in kindergarten and I had to sleep after lunch. Didn’t work that time…..neither now. Anyway we are fine, just finished the breki. Going to work, catch you guys later…..keep it up Clean 9 Team !!

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Katalin Hidvegi
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