Clean 9 weight loss program Day 4

My experience on the 4th day of Clean 9 program

number 4 smLast night I felt really cold which is not normal for me. On the 4th day of Clean 9 I followed the booklet, had 25  minutes exercise on my Lateral Thigh Trainer. I could not do more. I felt really tired after 5 minutes and this time I was sweating  a lot. I did some sit ups as well.

  • For lunch I had a home-made lentil soup (2cup=400cal)  plus 2 slice of whole-wheat bread (130cal) + Forever Argi+ (40cal).
  • I was not hungry  today, I think I got used to Clean 9 by now.
  • My energy level was lower than yesterday.
  • Motivation? can not be higher.
  • Confidence: 100% I will finish this  Clean 9 program!

Joe’s 4th day of Clean 9:

Day 4 Clean 9 Woke this morning with no hunger pains and a lot of energy. Exercised on treadmill for 50 minutes. Felt great after my workout and still have a lot of energy. I also lost 4 more pounds which make a total of 6 pounds since I started on Saturday. I am very happy with the Clean 9 program and confident that I will complete it.

Janos and Katas Experience

Hey Clean 9 Team, we still here, no worries just too lazy to type. Yesterday we finished day 3 without problem, I had a foot long sub with a turkey breast. I finished the two 6 inches with 3 hours apart. After that I was so full I knocked my self out :)))). Kata had some rice cake and she was tough as usually. Today we are done with day 4 od Clean 9, and nothing to mention. I had my foot long, same as yesterday, Kata was making some soup only 300Cal. I feel great I think if the program is over I’ll stick to the 600, maybe a 1000Cal/day. I don’t really need more.

Nali’s 4th day

This morning, my daughters woke me up at 7 a.m. and even though I thought I should try to sleep some more, I decided to get up and I am feeling great!!! I am ready to go to the gym now and workout a lot. I love Hindu calisthenics and I hope to get in the groove again.

Anita’s experience with Clean 9:

 I got up 6.30 am after 5 hours of sleep. After the regular morning chores I took the kids to the Zoo , we got back at 2 pm I did my Easter grocery shopping while the rest was sleeping,after that I went to do the laundry than ToysRus to get some things for the kids. It was 9 pm when I got home, put the kids to sleep and washed the dishes swept the floor than at 10.30 pm I set down on the couch to fold the clean clothes. That was the point when I realized that this was the first time I set down that day. I  was tired but during the day I had a lot of energy,mentally I was on the top at even at 11 pm when my husband got home,we discussed some business issue. Physically I had aches and pains by the and of the day-my back and leg hurt and nobody in the group said anything about muscle pain. Am I the only one who has sore muscles from exercising??? So Clean 9 really rocks! I think Bee Pollen works really great, I have plenty of energy. Yesterday I had tomato and red pepper soup 2 cups (200 calories) and 6 pieces of sushi. ( I don’t know the exact amount for the sushi)

clean 9

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