Clean 9 weight loss program Day 3

My experience on the 3rd day of Clean 9:

exerciseWhen I woke up on the 3rd day of my Clean 9 program I felt really hot inside, I felt like I was burning. After 20 minutes everything changed and I got really cold. I had moderate hunger during the day, followed the Clean 9 booklet again. Did a 40 minutes exercise on the Lateral Thigh Trainer and did 10 minutes situps, I was full of energy. In the morning at this time I mixed my Forever Lite Ultra  with Pure Almond milk  (unsweetened). I was excited to  have my lunch. I went to Subways and ordered an Italian BMT 6-inch sandwich  (450 Cal) For me this part of the day was the worst, because I could have eaten another  6-inch as well. After leaving the place I felt great, but had really  noisy stomach and had to go to the restroom… I also took my Forever Argi+ (40 Cal) + an  apple (80 Cal).  Probably the almond milk was the reason of the scary dinosaur in my belly!!! 😉

Joe’s experience with Clean 9 on the 3rd day: 

Day 3 of the Clean 9 program. Again I had no hunger pains when I woke up. I exercised for about 40 minutes. Followed the clean 9 program for breakfast and for the snack. Had to go out before lunch time so I changed my schedule a little. For lunch I had a Turkey sub from Subway. This was only 280 calories. I did not have the shake for lunch. Because we are allowed 600 calories I have some good options. I can eat the other half of the sub (280 calories) for supper or I can have the shake that I missed for supper. In fact I probably can have both if I choose. The only thing is that today I felt more tired than I did yesterday. I am very confident and motivated about finishing this program.

Anita’s experience

My belly is noticeable smaller. I had a lot of activity today, but I will do my 20 min workout now. I was not hungry during the day I could not even finish my lunch. The first two days I only had the gel, the tea and the probiotic so today was the first day of Clean 9 I have tasted the new Forever Lite Ultra Shake. I ordered the vanilla it seems to me that it tastes much better than the previous one. I can’t wait to try the chocolate one.

Nali on 3rd day

This morning I just had my aloe vera gel and I was not even hungry for the Forever Lite Ultra shake! I think a lot of times I eat because of force of habit, or just thinking I really need to eat, but the body is amazing. And given the aloe gel and bee pollen, we get everything nutritionally that we need, plus the protein and vitamins from the shake.

I had lunch with my husband where he works, in another town. I decided on a lark to drive there with my little one even though it was raining and foggy to go to the Zoo! I don’t know what came over me, but I had a lot of energy and I just wanted to do it, I asked my daughter and she kept talking about the Zoo, so I know she wanted to go too! We ate lunch at a Mongolian grill, where you get to choose your own ingredients. I don’t know the calories, but it was healthy and low-fat. As you can tell, I reversed the order to have dinner for lunch and the shake for dinner. I really like to eat my main meal during the day. Maybe because I grew up eating that way. Then I just stayed up until 1 a.m. which is not normal; I just had so much energy but no plans with it.

Thanks for the encouragement! I find that reading these  Clean 9 posts and knowing I am not the only one in the world doing this helps a lot!

Forever Clean 9 Insturctions 3 to 9

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  • Peter February 21, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    I’m in the 3rd day in this detox program! I feel much better already and can’t wait for the 9 days results! highly recommend it to you as well!!

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