Clean 9 weight loss program Day 2

My Experience on Clean 9 Day 2

  • I love clean 9 weight lossFor my surprise I woke up with no hunger on the 2nd day of Clean 9.
  • I had only cravings during the day, but not too bad.
  • I had lots of energy, did not want to rest. I even cooked for my boys, but did not taste it. It turned out delicious, they loved it!
  • I finished my first bottle of aloe vera gel at the end of the 2nd day of Clean 9.
  • I was very excited and could not wait until the next morning when I could weight myself.
  • I did moderate 20 minutes exercise. Dinner time I was a little frustrated, everything bothered me (kids  running around, or even touching my skin).
  • Evening I felt my legs were very weak. I haven’t done any exercise for a long time.
  • I’d done my 2nd day of Clean 9 without any pain.

Joe’s experience on second day of Clean 9

Day 2 of the Clean 9 program started off great! Upon arising I weighed myself and found that I had lost 2 lbs. I had no hunger pains and a lot of energy. After going to church I decided to exercise on my treadmill. I exercised for about 50 minutes and covered 3 miles in the workout. The only change I made to the program is that I decided to have my shake at my evening meal instead of for lunch. I do have some cravings but it is not as bad as I thought they would be.

Anita’s experience with Clean 9 

Second day was very quiet and relaxing, I woke up with no hunger but unfortunately my mom cooked delicious meals today so the whole apartment smelled so good-by 1 pm that must have triggered my appetite because than I got hungry. I forgot to post that my weight was yesterday morning 139 pounds. My goal is to lose 9 pounds. I will weight myself tomorrow again. I am looking forward for tomorrow’s delicious lunch. I am really interested in how much you guys lost so far!

Janos’s Experience with Clean 9 on the second day

Hello Clean 9 Team! Day 2 is over :). Its 1:15 AM and I just woke up. Today was a little better than day 1 but I had my “suffering” moments from 10:30-11:15 AM. It’s not the hunger but that emotional roller coaster what I have all day long. I’m happy and laughing for 10 min, than I’m angry and nervous the next 5 min. I think this is what they call the idiot :)). I’m a 100% I will finish the program and I think I will go with Joe’s 580 turkey sub…yummy…can’t wait. Kata has no problem at all with this whole thing, sometimes I feel like a sissy next to her. Keep it up leaders….we can only follow you this time :).

Joe’s advice to Janos:

Janos, the worse is over. Make sure you keep drinking water. It will help flush toxins from your body. By the way, Subway is offering a special for a while. It is only offered at least up here until 9 AM. Buy a 6 inch and you can get a 6 inch free.

 Nali’s experience with Clean 9 on the 2nd day:

I feel very relaxed on Day 2 of Clean 9. My stomach grumbled for a few minutes this morning, but it passed. Calm, relaxed. Usually I am frantically trying to gather goals and objectives for the day, but today I am just doing my editing work with the little one by my side with no mental worries. Clean 9 is very cleansing!

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