Clean 9 weightloss program Day 7

My experience with 9 on day 7:

Today I did my exercise & pushed myself hard for 40 minutes. Sometimes we need a little push. I feel great and I just realized after reading Joe’s message that we’re almost done. Yes  we’re at day 7 of Clean 9 today!!! I had a real hard time. I even start biting my nails… I had a great day, did a great work out in the morning, followed my schedule but today I had a soup for lunch with 2 slices of bread + my forever argi+. In the afternoon I fall asleep for a few minutes on the sofa while my kids were playing around with  daddy. I didn’t even hear my cellphone ringing in my pocket, I was knocked out. For dinner I got the Forever lite ultra  shake but after a few hours I felt really hungry. I was thinking about food in every minute and it was hard to concentrate on my work. I took a shower and I was planning to go to sleep before I do something I will regret!!! I was probably exhausted and needed some rest. I should have eaten a turkey sandwich like yesterday. It was to late though!!! 🙁 I also saw some lights, i don’t know how to explain this. I’ll get back to you tomorrow! I kept telling to myself: “I have to finish this  Clean 9 program! I am strong and I will NOT eat untill tomorrow I promise!!!”

Nali’s advice for me:

Could be that the soup had little or no protein, and the lights could mean low potassium, especially if the soup was high sodium as in canned or restaurant soups… I hope tomorrow is better for you!


I think you didn’t have enough for lunch. I’ve been sticking with the shakes for lunch and have had no problem. You can do it. Have you been drinking enough water?


 agree Nali. When you are on a low calorie diet you really have to watch what you eat. You still have to have a balanced diet. The 2 slices of bread- if it was not made of whole wheat – was not the best choice either. Let us know how you feel asap.

Janos experience on day 7 of Clean 9 :

Hello Clean 9 Team! Everything is OK on this side of the world, we are doing fine. By the way I realized something: if I eat my second sub late, I’m hungry in the morning but if I eat early, about 4 PM (latest) I have no hunger the next day. How u guys doing with this part? The weight….I didn’t write crap yet bec on day 1-2 I checked myself and it was 232 and 233 pound. I was like what the hell?? I gained weight. BUT on day 4 I was 227 so pobably the scale in the truckstop was funny. Now its day 7 and I’m wondering what my weight is. Kata is pretty good with the Clean 9 program, mixing her food fruits, sub, this and that. I’m staying with the sub but I think I will change the turkey, bec I started to see feathers on my back 🙂 Leaders you DID a great job and I hope you will use your Clean 9 experience to help others to do the same.

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