Choose the best lip balm with aloe vera

Lip balm

Lips that are lined and dry makes one looks less attractive. In cold climate, lips tend to be drier. When one’s lips feel dry, eating and talking would feel unnatural. This is where lip balm can be a solution, for both male and female.

Keeping one’s lips moist may be a small step, but it is an important one. The thickness of the lips is just one-third that of the skin on other parts of the body. It has no pores (no hair growth is possible), no sweat glands and no sebum glands. Lips do not lock in moisture as well compared to what skin can do. One good way to moisturize and protect lips is to apply a thick layer of lip balm before one goes to sleep. How does one choose a good lip balm?

Safety is a critical criterion, as some amount of lip balm may be accidentally swallowed. Choose the best vera that not only moisturizes but also repairs.Buy it now! USA

Should I use lip gloss to replace lip balm?

 No. Lip gloss adds shine but does not lock in moisture as effectively as lip balm. Aloe Lip Balm

Should I use lip balm with protection from UV light?

The usual lip balm is sufficient unless one spends very much time in the sun.

How do I relieve flaking lips?

Do not peel off the flakes with fingers. Instead apply a thick layer of lip balm. Massaging the lips gently will help remove dead cells. Nourishes lips and prevent dryness and dullness.

Aloe Lips

  • Uses aloe vera as the base ingredient, with added beeswax for its antioxidant and anti-bacteria effect.
  • Contains Allantoin with soothing properties, and Jojoba Oil that moisturizes and makes the lips feel soft.
  • Is non-irritating, and is suitable to be used daily.

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