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Urban life with all it’s hectic schedules entails quick and easy solution to our day to day personal care and hygiene requirements. Since we use several products in this regard on a regular basis, our quest for safe, natural and effective skin and personal care products is a never ending cycle, what with endless brands on counters vying for attention! But with increased information and awareness, most of us are quite wary of the risks of topical reactions and health hazards of using non-natural products, more so products like deodorants and antiperspirants that plays an essential role in our personal care kit.

Most conventional deodorants and antiperspirants may contain several ingredients that can cause serious health hazards. Since deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to stay on our bodies for hours, this allows the potential for more harmful chemicals to be absorbed through the skin. Most of us use deodorants, which neutralize the smell of perspiration, or antiperspirants, which by blocking sweat from escaping through underarm pores onto the surface of the skin. The sealing of pores may hamper the elimination of liquid toxins. Perspiration is not the only function of a healthy skin. It also supplies oxygen to the blood and helps purify it. But when the pores on the skin are sealed, this important activity is considerably hampered, leading to stress on the lungs. Indiscriminate use of deodorants therefore may cause skin allergies and also harms some of our vital organs. Moreover, though they are called deodorants or antiperspirants, they do not deodorize at all in the real sense of the word. What they really do is cut down the natural flow of perspiration by sealing off the pores of the skin. With the closing of pores, the outlet for natural oils, which are so very essential for imparting a healthy glow to the skin, are also closed.

Environmental Impact of Conventional Deodorants

  • Showering washes our deodorants and antiperspirants down the drain, introducing known or suspected toxins into our nation’s waterways. Toxic compounds found in deodorants and antiperspirants contaminate the water and soil. These chemicals are slow to break down and have been shown to disrupt the endocrine systems of fish, birds, and mammals.

Some Good News about Choosing the Best Deodorant!

  • The good news is that we can now enjoy the benefits of a deodorant that is not only environment friendly but is devoid of any chemical composition thus making it a safe option and an ideal confidence-booster for day long freshness.

Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick

aloe ever shield desodorantAloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick provides effective, all-day protection against underarm odor. Not just that, it is extremely soothing and doesn’t sting when applied directly after waxing and also helps when applied to the feet. Forever Living Products has formulated a product that glides on smoothly, doesn’t stain clothes and maximizes the deodorant properties of Aloe Vera while eliminating ingredients that could be harmful to our health. Besides Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel being the principle ingredient, this gentle blend of ingredients contains none of the harmful antiperspirant aluminum salts found in many other deodorants in the market. Moreover, the stick form makes it economical as it minimizes waste. The presence of Triclosan which is an organic compound, is a known bacteriostatic and is not highly soluble in water, which means that it continues to work even if we sweat. According to some studies, products that contain Triclosan kill up to 99.6% of germs.

So go ahead, treat yourself to an everyday freshness with Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant that keeps you protected and odorless all day long! A state of the art, multi-use and most importantly a unisex product – an absolute must have for one and all.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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