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I had been suffering from pain and numbness in my arms for almost 4 years. Despite taking medication, my condition did not show much improvement. My doctor said my situation could be job-related and said it would help if I reduced work load. Unfortunately if I did that, my only source of income and livelihood […]

Make a Difference! Use Arginine Supplement!

Many people know that heart disease is a prevalent problem, but most don’t realize how severe the problem really is – cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer of both men and women in America today. Even more sobering is the fact that most health experts now say that heart disease can largely be avoided […]

Miraculous Power of Nature in My Life

My name is Krishan Kant Sawhney and I came to know about FLP in the year 2009 through my friend and upline Mr. Mandeep Kamboj. I was amazed to know about the products that are completely Natural with highest safety standards. I attended regular training sessions and took more knowledge about the products specially in […]

weight loss success

Succesful Weight Loss with Forever!

My weight dropped from 78kg to 66kg, I felt energetic and healthy throughout the program offered by Forever Living. Norbanon binti Abdul Bakar My weight passed the 60kg 6years ago after I gave birth to my fourth child. It was approaching 80kg earlier this year, perhaps due to a few factors – slower metabolism due to […]

Aloe Product Testimony

Amazing Results with Amazing Aloe Vera Products

Two years ago, I suffered from severe facial skin problem. It started with my left cheek feel itchy. Redness appeared one month later. A red round patch formed and became redder and bigger as time passed. That particular part of skin became rough and dry eventually. The right side of my cheek got infected the […]


Amazing Forever Artic Sea testimonies

Lam Hung Wan User of products for 5 years. I was suffering from the narrowing and hardening of the arteries supplying blood to lower limbs, in which surgery was being considered. As surgery was not urgent, my cousin asked me to try taking Forever Arctic Sea and Ginkgo Plus. After several months, my condition improved […]

Forever Living Products

Forever 80, good health through the golden years

Forever Living Products are recommended for any ages, it doesn’t matter how old you are you always need to add some additional nutritional products to your body. Read this story about Ms Sasaki Watsuko, 80 years old Forever Living Distributor from Japan, from Iwate Prefacture. Find out what gives her a good health, energy and […]

Dermatitis and aloe vera

Dermatitis and aloe vera testimony

Read this story and find out more how this young lady improved her dermatitis skin condition within 1 month with Forever Living Products “I have a very happy experience in using Forever Living products for my dermatitis that I would like to share here. Perhaps due to something that happened when we shifted house, I started to develop […]

Aloe Vera and chemotherapy

Forever Aloe and Chemotherapy

Aloe Vera and Chemotherapy Testimony: “In August 2009, it was discovered that I had leukemia, also have thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder. The discovery was devastating to my family and me. On the other hand, it was fortunate that my leukemia was discovered at early stage. In the ward where I stayed, I found that […]

Healthy liver

Healthy Liver, the master detoxification organ

Healthy liver Liver, the largest and the most important detoxification organ in our body. When we eat, we consume lots of toxic substances through artificial preservatives, additives and others. These harmful toxins which are not water-soluble, must be neutralized by liver, become water-soluble and passed to the kidney or bowel for excretion. If the liver […]

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