Aloe Liquid Soap

keep germs away

How to keep Germs at a Distance?

The over populated cities and towns provide fertile conditions for germs and viruses to spread rapidly. So you’ll want to do what you can to help make sure it does not make its way to you! The easiest way to catch infection is by rubbing your nose after handling an infected object, including anything that […]

Aloe Liquid Soap

Do you have sensitive skin? Try ALOE LIQUID SOAP to feel healthy and clean!

How would you like to start your day or rather , your skin’s day? Many of us take extra care to keep our skin looking healthy and fresh all day. To go that extra mile, selecting the best cleanser or soap is definitely an important agenda. As everyone is conscious about being naturally beautiful, using […]

Summer injuries and aloe vera

Handle summer injuries with Aloe. First Aid Tips not only for kids.

Handle summer injuries with Aloe Scraped knee Dab the cut with a washcloth and rinse with aloe liquid soap and water. Stop bleeding by applying pressure with a soaked cloth with aloe first spray, then cover with aloe vera gelly and a bandage. Sunburn Sooth with cool baths, massage it with aloe moisturizing lotion (or […]

Forever aloe liquid soap

Aloe Liquid soap. Excellent pH balanced aloe soap.

Aloe Liquid soap A rich, luxurious, pH balanced moisturizing hand and face cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and silky. Rich in 100% stabilized aloe vera gel with ‘no-tears’ surfactants and conditioners which makes it perfect for infant and young children as well. Aloe Liquid Soap provides a thick and soft lather that […]

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