premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome PMS

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Ladies, if you have experienced the above symptoms one to two weeks before your period, you are said to have Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS vary greatly from woman to woman and cycle to cycle, and they can range from mild to severe. Some women note that their symptoms are worse during times of increased emotional or physical stress.
Look at your daily diet; if you have not been eating well, there is a higher risk of not getting enough essential Vitamins and Minerals. Besides that, unhealthy habits such as insufficient sleep, sedentary lifestyle and stress may affect your body’s ability to produce the right balance of hormones.

Here are some simple tips to relieve PMS which include adopting a healthy diet,  cutting down intake of salt, caffeine and alcohol, and also exercise regularly. Appropriate supplementation can be helpful to relieve PMS.

Aloe Berry Nectar

  • Contains 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel plus Cranberry Extract that can help to balance hormonal system and maintain healthy skin.
  • Helps to increase the bioavailability of nutrients to cells and improve energy metabolism.
  • Regulates physiological functions which help to improve quality of sleep and regulate emotion.

Forever Absorbent-C

  • Special formulation that combines Vitamin C, Oat bran and Citrus Bioflavonoids for better absorption and utilization by the body.
  • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that reduces skin damage by free radicals that causing wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.
  • Vitamin C also helps to enhance the immune system and reduce infection.

Forever Arctic Sea

  • A natural blend of Omega-3 Fish oils and Omega-9 Oleic Acid in Olive oil, providing the balance of good fats.
  •  Provides essential Omega-3, EPA and DHA that are helpful to maintain general well-being and alleviate inflammatory and painful conditions.
  • Added with Vitamin E as an antioxidant to keep the Fish oil and Olive oil fresh.

Forever Royal Jelly

  • Contains Phytohormones, which can help in regulating and balancing hormonal system.
  • Supplies Vitamin B Complex and Acetylcholine which are beneficial for relieving stress.
  • Natural without preservative and synthetic flavor; easily absorbed and readily digestible.

Premenstrual Syndrome pms

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Amazing Forever Artic Sea testimonies

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Lam Hung Wan

User of products for 5 years. I was suffering from the narrowing and hardening of the arteries supplying blood to lower limbs, in which surgery was being considered. As surgery was not urgent, my cousin asked me to try taking Forever Arctic Sea and Ginkgo Plus. After several months, my condition improved to the extent there was no need for surgery.

Chung Chuen Lin

User of products for 8 years. I had dry eyes syndrome so severe that my eyes hurt from stinging sensation. The eye drops prescribed could not eliminate the root cause. But after taking 4 softgels of Forever Arctic Sea and 6 tablets of Lycium Plus daily for 3 months, the dry eyes syndrome that I had for so long was something of the past! Was I happy!

Tan Mu Ping

Forever Artic Sea TestimonyUser of products for 20 years. Forever Arctic Sea has helped me so much. Other than being my lifelong companion, I have also recommended it to many elderly people who were prone to have poor cardiovascular health. Depending on the circumstances, some would take 3 softgels 3 times a day for the first week (total 9 softgels per day for the first week), 6 softgels per day for the second week, and thereafter 4 softgels per day for the third week and subsequent weeks. The important thing is, Forever Arctic Sea is helpful to their health.

Chan Wai Lin

User of products for 5 years. My tear glands blockage was bad enough that tears would flow out involuntarily at any time. Forever Arctic Sea and Lycium Plus, taken daily effectively solved that problem. I still take these two products as they are great for my general health too.

Leung Wing Ting

User of products for 5 years. My weight issue, with body fat of 53%, led to endocrine disorder, back pain and sensation of numbness on my arm during sleep. I was fortunate to have tried the correct healthy remedy. Taking Forever Arctic Sea, Aloe Vera Gel, Nature Min and Absorbent-C for several months reduced my body fat to a less scary 38%, and all my symptoms disappeared. Since then, my entire family uses Forever’s health products.

Forever Artic Sea

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Healthy Heart

Five simple steps for a healthy heart

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Healthy Heart basics

Healthy HeartDid you know that your heart beats 100,000 times a day, 40 million times a year and supplies your body with oxygen and nutrients, while clearing away harmful waste matter? Like all the organs in your body, your healthy heart needs the right maintenance if it is going to continue to perform optimally. Would you like to learn more and follow our basic steps for a healthy heart ?

Learn the basic steps to a healthy heart

1. A resting heart rate below 90.

 A resting heart rate can be determined by counting the number of beats of your pulse per one minute. A slower resting heart rate means that your heart is more powerful and efficient. A higher heart rate indicates that your heart has to work harder to get the same things done. One of the main reasons your heart rate speeds up is to fight inflammation. Add Forever Arctic-Sea to your daily supplementation to help in lowering cholesterol and to fight inflammation.

Forever Arctic Sea Buy it now! USA

Forever Artic Sea Super Omega 3• Contains essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and oleic acid (from olive oil)

• Omega-3 and Omega-9 (from olive oil) are helpful in reducing the accumulation of platelets to prevent blood clots and thus helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease.

2. Consume less than 1 teaspoon of salt a day for a healthy heart

Excessive sodium (salt) is harmful to your heart, kidneys and blood vessels. It raises your blood pressure which makes your heart work faster and this can lead to hypertension and stroke. Surprisingly, most of our salt intake is hidden in foods we buy at grocery stores eg frozen food, ready-to-eat cereals, canned food etc. For healthy blood pressure, add Forever ARGI Plus in your daily supplementation.

Forever ARGI+ Buy it now! USA

Forever Argi Plus• Contains L-Arginine that is beneficial to support healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular system. It works by helping blood vessels relax and open wide for better blood circulation.

• Added with proprietary fruit blend of heart-healthy antioxidants including Pomegranate, Grape Skin, Berries and Red Wine Extract to support a healthy heart.

 3. Limit your sugar intake to 7 teaspoons each day for a healthy heart

High intake of sugar leads to obesity and put you in higher risk of heart disease and stroke. You may not realize how much sugar you are actually eating. For example, a can of cola has 8 teaspoons of sugar. Regular soft drinks, candy, cakes, cookies, ice-cream, sweetened yogurt, sweetened milk – all contains high level of sugar.

4. 25 grams of fiber each day for a healthy heart

 More studies are showing that the more fiber you are getting in your diet, the lower your risk of heart attack. Fiber acts like a magnet in your intestines, it pulls the cholesterol through your digestive system, eliminating waste before it can be absorbed in your bloodstream. To get more fiber, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables daily. Include Aloe Vera Gel in your daily supplementation for the benefits of miraculous aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Gel  Buy it now! USA

Aloe Vera Gel• Contains saponins, fiber and anthraquinone complex which help to detoxify the body and lessen the burden on the digestive system.

• A clean digestive system reduces the burden of liver in detoxification and frees up the liver to metabolize fats more efficiently.

 5. Zero trans fat daily for a healthy heart

 Trans fats are found in commercial baked goods like cakes, cookies and crackers, along with fried foods like doughnuts and French fries. Trans fats decrease your “good” HDL cholesterol while increasing your “bad” LDL cholesterol. They also cause plaque build-up in your arteries, damage arterial cells, and generally increase inflammation, which lead to heart diseases. Maintaining a healthy heart  is as easy as ABC. It is important to keep the numbers in mind, and to add the right heart health supplements in your daily diet.

Would you like to support your healthy heart with these Forever Living Products mentioned above? These products for a healthy heart are not sold in stores, you can buy it here through our online store. Receive 15% discount instantly on orders of 50$ or more. For details please visit : Forever Living Discounts.

by Katalin Hidvegi

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Improve Arthritis naturally

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It is not uncommon that pain at joints and bones increase with age. Pain can  cause stress and immobility, and affect the quality of life negatively. On  a positive note, pain is the body’s signal for action. Both arthritis and  osteoporosis can cause pain but it is important to note   the differences.


Arthritis is the inflammation of joints, and  can cause a lot of pain.


Common symptoms of arthritis, depending on severity   are:

  • Joint stiffness, especially within first 30 minutes after waking  up, or after a long day.
  • Creaking sound
  • Pain during movement, and in  severe cases, pain at rest.
  • Deformity of joints Besides relying on  medication, arthritis can be better managed with quality nutrition and  the appropriate types of exercise. Good nutrition provides building block  and lubrication for joints.

Try the following products for arthritis: Buy it now! USA

  1. Forever Freedom: Provides 100% stabilized Aloe Vera, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to support joint function, increasing joint flexibility.
  2. Forever Active HA: Provides low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) with moisturizing and lubricating properties that benefit skin and joints. It is enhanced with Ginger Oil and Tumeric which have natural antiinflammatory properties.
  3. Forever Arctic Sea: Contains natural cold water fish oil and olive oil to provide Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and Omega-9 essential fatty acids. It has Vitamin E added that acts as antioxidant to the beneficial oils in the softgels.
  4. Forever Absorbent-C: Provides Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, matrix-bonded with oat bran to maximize absorption by the body. Vitamin C is essential to collagen production, and maintenance and repair of connective tissues.
  5. Aloe Heat Lotion mixed with MSM Gel: Aloe Heat Lotion contains warming agents in 100% stabilized Aloe Vera. MSM Gel contains MSM and herbal extracts in 100% stabilized Aloe Vera.
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Heart Smart Products

Support your heart with Heart smart products from Forever

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Heart Smart Products

How could I wish you a Happy Valentine’s day other than recommending you some heart smart products! Support your heartbeat this month (and all year long) with Forever Living’s combination of heart smart products: Artic-Sea Omega 3, Forever CardioHealth with CoQ10 and Forever Argi+. If you’re not a regular consumer of these heart smart products, become one! Take your heart seriously because it beats only for YOU! And if you are already a regular then enlist your loved ones and embrace all those hearts at one. Use your brain to support the health of your and your loved ones’ hearts by blending the perfect mix of one part Argi+ and one part Forever CardioHealth, with one part Forever Artic Sea Super Omega 3. Give your heart the love it deserves, and support it to beat Forever true for YOU!

Buy it now! USA

Buy Heart smart Products:

Heart Smart Products

Forever Argi+ Heart Smart Product

Forever Argi is a short for L-Arginine, an amino acid that has so many functions your heart will beat stronger just hearing about them! L-Arginine is utilized in the body to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in turn relaxes blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow. This can help support healthy blood pressure levels. In a heartbeat, Argi+ supports overall cardiovascular health…but it won’t happen unless you take action! Just mix it with your favorite Forever Living aloe drink, or sprinkle a dose on your daily cereal and enjoy the beat!

CardioHealth – Heart Smart Products

CardioHealth contains Coenzyme Q10 as the name implies. CoQ10 has been dubbed affectionately ‘vitamin Q’ by scientists because it is found in every human cell and in all living organism. According to Whole Health MD it is particularly abundant in high-energy-demanding cells, such as those found in the heart. CoQ10 appears to support the heart muscle’s strenuous efforts to beat 10,000 times a day. Can you imagine?! In addition, CoQ10 acts as a powerful antioxidant to counteract potentially damaging unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. Support your heart-beating ability by mixing a packet of CardioHealth into your favorite Forever Living aloe drink.

Artic Sea Super Omega 3 – As Heart Smart Products

 is last but certainly not least, as you will soon ‘sea’. Forever Artic Sea with Super Omega-3, as you may well know, is a breakthrough in terms of a balance supplement, using both omega-9 monounsaturated olive oil and mercury-free pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 fish oil. (wow, mercury free…what a Super idea!) These Essential Fatty Acids, or EFAs, come with recommendations from the American Heart Association, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the National Cholesterol Education Program, and the beat goes on… And not only are you providing your precious heart with vital nutrients, you are also supporting your brain with EFAs!

Forever Living Heart Smart Products are not sold in stores, you can only buy it online. Please enter retail store to purchase it now.
Would you like to receive 15% discount on orders of $50 or more? Register and save money today. It is completely free, no obligation. For more information please visit: Forever Living Discounts.

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