Aloe Sunscreen Spray

Aloe Sunscreen

Why it is important to apply Sunscreen?

Applying sunscreen is a very important part of your daily skin care regimen, especially if you are exposed to prolonged sunlight. Sunscreen helps to prevent damage to your skin that can be caused by UV rays. UVA rays penetrate skin deeply, causing aging, wrinkles and potentially skin cancer while UVB rays are sunburn-causing solar rays; […]

Aloe Sun Care Products

Summer Skin Care with Aloe Vera

Summer skin care is essential for everybody during these hot days. The hot summer months are now upon us, and for most of us that means more time spent outdoors and in the sun. While the sun’s powerful rays can be equally damaging no matter what season it is, we need to be especially careful […]

Aloe Vera Skin Care for Summer

Aloe Vera Skin Care for the Summer Forever’s Aloe Sunscreen Spray, Aloe Sunscreen, and Aloe Vera Gelly will prepare you for this summer and beyond! Be safe and be smart. Apply often, and apply generously all year long. Aloe Vera Skin Care: Sunscreen Spray  Forever Living’s easy-to-use Aloe Sunscreen Spray has SPF 30 protection, our […]

Skin Whitening Products

Skin Whitening Tips with Forever Living Aloe Products

Skin Whitening Tips with Forever Living Aloe Products Most of us are exposed to sunlight everyday regardless indoor or outdoor. If we take no proactive action, our skin will absorb  excessive ultraviolet rays, causing the formation and accumulation of melanin, then the appearance of dark spots and dull skin. Thus, sun protection and skin whitening […]

Aloe Sunscreen Sray

Difference between UVA and UVB radiation?

What is the difference between UVA and UVB radiation?  Did you know…there is a difference between UVA and UVB radiation? Sunlight contains both types which cause changes to the skin, but there are important differences. Remember: A is for Aging and B is for Burning. So remember to apply ALOE SUNSCREEN/ ALOE SUNSCREEN SPRAY generously – […]

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