Bee Honey shortens duration of cold


Apart from being used as a healthy sweetener and to provide fast energy, bee honey has long been recognised as a traditional remedy for alleviating a variety of ailments including healing wounds and treating infections.

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In a recent research published in the April 2009 edition of the Archives of Medical Research (Volume 40, Issue 3), it was found that consuming 2 fluid ounces (60ml) of honey a day can help to alleviate the symptoms of common cold and speed up recovery, reducing the duration of the cold by up to two days. In the study by researchers, Saeed Sobhanian from the Jahrom University of Medical Science Internal Medicine in Iran, 60 men and women patients were recruited within 24 hours of them catching a cold for the study. All the 60 study subjects were given traditional therapies such as decongestants and anti-pyretics but half of them were also given 4 tablespoons of honey every day. The researchers monitored them for a range of symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, coughing, muscle pain and fever.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that the condition of the group of patients who were given honey was much better and they recorded a significantly shorter duration of having the cold symptoms. The researchers believe that the positive beneficial effects of Forever Bee Honey observed are due to the content of phenolic acids and flavonoids in honey.

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