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This wet eczema developed following a tick bite. The tick bite irritated the dog so that it went into “self- destruct mode” – scratching the area with his hind paw. The wet eczema area was clipped free of hair, washed with diluted Aloe Vet Formula spray, and then Aloe Vera Gelly was applied. Do not over-wash these wet eczema areas. Apply these topical Aloe Vera preparations at least 4 times daily initially (up to 6 times). In persistent cases, change to Aloe Vera Propolis Crème.
  1.  Ten days later the area is healing and hair is re-growing.
  2.  The lesion has healed and the hair has re-grown to its normal color.
  3.  The area of wet eczema after clipping. Some dogs will require the fitting of an Elizabethan collar to discourage scratching of the area.

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Aloe Vera can be used for wet eczema by the owner of an animal as a complementary medicinal herb a previously diagnosed condition or as a first aid treatment whilst waiting to see a veterinary surgeon. In practice the Aloe Vera used must be filleted and cold stabilised so that it contains mainly parenchymatous gel from the inner leaf of the plant. The Aloe Vera will help to decrease the inflammation and itching as well as helping to remove dead cells and discharges. It will also encourage a suitable environment for the replication of skin cells so that would tend to heal quickly.

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