Aloe Vera Skin Care. Top 10 reasons to use Aloe Vera on skin.

Top 10 resons to use on your Skin. Skin Care

  1. Due to lignins, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, taking its soothing properties down to damaged areas.
  2. It is also keratolytic, (i.e. destroys and softens hard skin)
  3. Also contains Saponins – natural cleasers and 12 different Anthraquinones
  4. Contains over 75 different nutritional compounds including A, C & E – all powerful antioxidants
  5. The FDA in the USA confirs that Aloe Vera has properties that enhance the regeneration of new tissue, resulting in and accelerated rate of nenewal.
  6. Giberellin, in Aloe Vera, stimulates the growth of new cells
  7. Aloe Vera moisturises without closing off oxygen, and as it does so, it replaces lost fluids that are needed in the process
  8. Aloe Vera has almost the same pH factor as the human skin and is also naturally hypoallergenic
  9. It is when Aloe is combined with emollients and moisturisers that the remarkable synergistic benefits of Aloe Vera can be fully demonstrated on the skin’s condition
  10. For maximum skin benefit, try drinking Aloe Vera, as well as applying it topically. Try our Aloe Vera Skin care products.

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