Aloe Vera Skin Care for Summer

Aloe Vera Skin Care for the Summer

Forever’s Aloe Sunscreen Spray, Aloe Sunscreen, and Aloe Vera Gelly will prepare you for this summer and beyond! Be safe and be smart. Apply often, and apply generously all year long.

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  1. Aloe Vera Skin Care: Sunscreen Spray 
    Forever Living’s easy-to-use Aloe Sunscreen Spray has SPF 30 protection, our patented, stabilized aloe vera to moistureze and nourish the skin, and it is very water resistant. Jast spray 15-30 minutes before sun exposure for those times when a spray is more convenient. Spray on evenly and liberally until it is visible on the skin – it is taht simple! You will love the added convnience of a spray bottle and the luxury of knowing you and your loved ones are safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Remember to apply every two hours or more, if in and out of water or in high humidity.
  2. Aloe Vera Skin Care: Sunscreen Lotion
    For those that prefer their sun protection in lotion formula, Aloe Sunscreen’s lotion-based formula, with an SPF of 30 and all the benefits of our signature aloe vera, also gives this sunscreen the ability to lock in moisture while protecting your precious skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. This is not your drugstore chain sunscreen. Our water resistant lotion formula goes on smooth and silky. So if your daily sun protection calls for a lotion-type sunscreen, then generously squeeze from this Aloe Sunscreen tube 15-30 minutes before daily sun exposure, and you’ll feel its moisturizing locked-in protection!
  3. Aloe Vera Skin Care: Aloe Vera gelly
    Missed a spot? Our Aloe Vera Gelly also makes a perfect accompaniment to our sunscreen line because it is the ideal soother for minor skin irritations. From treating overexposed skin, to skin that just needs some pure moisturizing from being in the summer sun, our 100% stabilized aloe vera gel lubricates sensitive tissue safely. Aloe Vera Gelly is a thick, translucent gel that is readily absorbed to provide instant relief to your skin. Put Aloe Vera Gelly in your traveling first-aid kit and your home medicine cabinet.


Forever Aloe Vera skin care Products for the summer are not sold in stores, you can buy them online. Please enter retail store to purchase aloe vera skin care products today. Would you like to receive 15% discount on order of 50$ or more? Register and save today instantly. For more information please visit: Forever Living Discounts.


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Katalin Hidvegi
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