Aloe Vera products combination for maximum benefits

Aloe Vera Products Combination

Take small quantities of all the four aloe vera products below, mix together to make a pack and gently massage in a circular motion on the face and neck. Leave the pack for about half an hour till it dries completely. Next, rinse it off preferably with warm water and feel your skin tighten and radiate. Do this at least one a week to maintain the effects of the miracle combination of aloe vera products.

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Aloe Vera Gelly

100% stabilized gel lubricates tissue safely, transparent and thick and gets absorbed quickly in your skin. Aloe Vera Gelly helps renew new cells & repairs damaged tissues giving you a soft supple and younger look.


Aloe Scrub

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel and solid microspheres made from pure jojoba oil. Aloe Scrub exfoliates the skin, reducing the risk of blocked pores and allowing new cells to the surface, giving the skin a fresh and radiant appearance.


Marine Mask

Provides deep cleansing and moisturizing while balancing the skin texture and colour. As it is derived from sea minerals to which is added aloe vera, cucumber and honey, makes it an excellent astringent. Marine Mask helps diminish open pores and brighten the skin tone.

Forever Bee Honey

The enzyme and mineral content when applied on skin effectively helps tighten the skin, cleanses deeply, renewing and nourishing the ageing skin. As an anti-oxidant Forever Bee Honey helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals which damage your skin.


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Aloe Vera Products

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