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Aloe Vera Based Cosmetics

At Forever, beauty is more than skin deep… in fact, it’s real deep! The Sonya Colour Collection is one of the only aloe vera based cosmetics lines in the world that delivers skin care and makeup in one.

Sonya’s unique combination of natural ingredients, from pure aloe vera and antioxidant vitamins, to marine extracts and chamomile, can help protect, nourish and soothe the skin. These magnificent aloe vera based cosmetics collection celebrates the rich colors of life with hues for every skin tone and every mood, and has a versatility that allows you to easily take your look from day to night. Let Sonya and the aloe vera based cosmetics help you take the guesswork out of looking beautiful!

I’ve been using aloe vera based cosmetics and skin care products from Forever Living and I am very satisfied. A few years ago I loved Olay Regenerist anti aging products and could not even think that one day I will find something better. When I first met Forever Living Products I only tried the aloe vera drinks and nutritional products. But a few months later I decided to try the aloe vera based cosmetics and since than I can not live without them. I replaced my Olay Regenerist cream with Sonya Skin Care Collection and I am very happy that I did that change. These aloe vera based cosmetics and skin care products give me and my husband a healthy silky look. My husband also tried the Sonya Skin Care Collection (not the aloe vera based cosmetics ) and in days I noticed the difference.

  • Sonya Color Concealer Wheel

The unique Sonya Color Concealer Wheel offers five exceptional shades in one, to perfectly blend with every complexion. It’s the ideal way to minimize minor imperfections and even out skin tone for a natural, flawless finish any time of the day.

  • Sonya Eyeshadow Trio*

Two perfect shimmer combinations make looking beautiful as easy as 1, 2, 3! Use them dry for a soft look or wet for increased intensity or lining the eyes. 203 Springtime 204 Sedona

  • Sonya Blush*

Add a natural, healthy glow to your cheeks with Sonya’s pure color blush collection. Soft-to-the-touch and kind to your skin, these elegant powders glide on evenly to define your cheekbones and enhance your complexion. Choose from 11 shades.

  • Sonya Eyeshadow*

Enhance your eyes naturally with Sonya’s soft powder eye shadows. Available in a range of 24 colors, from shimmery pearls to velvety mattes, they’ll take your eyes from sheer to dramatic and everywhere in between.

  • Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation*

Beauty comes simply and naturally with the long-lasting Sonya Foundations. 12 true-to-life shades formulated to enhance your own unique skin tone, apply silky-smooth and flawless, like a second-skin. Mirrored compact with sponge applicator.

  • Sonya Lipstick*

Creamy, aloe-rich lip color available in a range of 16 shades, from sheer to dramatic. Formulated to glide on smooth and provide hours of long lasting, moisturizing color.

  • Sonya Lip Gloss*

Awaken your lip color and give your lips a soft feel as well as a long-lasting aloe vera shine with Sonya Lip Gloss. Use it alone or apply over your favorite Sonya Lipstick.

  • Sonya Aloe Eye Makeup Remover

This unique, oil-free aloe vera gel formula provides gentle yet effective removal of eye makeup. Its main ingredient, aloe vera gel, provides the caring, conditioning and nourishing benefits that your skin needs. 4 fl oz.

  • Sonya Aloe Mineral Makeup (0.21 oz.)

Sonya Aloe Mineral Makeup glides on like a dream, evening out your complexion, minimizing pores, and giving skin a luminous glow. Acting as a concealer, foundation and powder all in one, this multitasking powder seamlessly blends and gives an ultimately natural looking skin finish. $21.95

  • Sonya Lipstick (0.12 oz.)

Our 8 shades of long-lasting, Aloe-enhanced lipsticks are ideal to use alone, or combine them to create your own, unique shades. Add Sonya® Lip Gloss for extra shine.

  • Sonya Translucent Powder (0.32 oz.)

Sonya Translucent Pressed Powder is enhanced with the world’s finest micronized powders to give your skin a sheer, silky, luxurious finish. May be used alone or over foundation for a long-lasting finish and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Sonya Black Mascara (0.16 oz.)

Your lashes will be magnificent with our exclusive mascara; the added Aloe Vera helps to condition and lengthen while leaving lashes soft and luxurious. Water resistant, this unique mascara is formulated especially for sensitive eyes.

  • Sonya Lip Pencils (0.04 oz.)

Creamy and smooth, Sonya Lip Pencils glide on easily to line and define your lips with ease. Complete your look with your favorite shade of Sonya Lipstick and Sonya Lip Gloss.

Top 10 Beauty Secrets from the Sonya Color Collection and Aloe Vera Based Cosmetics

  • Flawless makeup starts with beautiful skin. Always work with a freshly cleansed and moisturized complexion. Think of your skin as a canvas – the better your skin, the better the art. Good skin care habits are necessary for total skin wellness. Use your Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Collection every day for amazing results and perfect makeup application.
  • Lighting is one of the secrets to a perfect face. Search your house for the best light available when applying your makeup. Natural daylight is always the best option. If that’s not practical, then after completing your makeup application with our aloe vera based cosmetics, take a hand-held mirror to the nearest window to check your complexion to make sure there is no unevenness.
  • Well-shaped brows can open up your face, bring out your bone structure, and make your eyes appear larger than they are. In fact beautifully shaped brows are like a ‘picture frame’ for your eyes. To fill in and enhance lighter brows, use a Sonya Eyeshadow shade from our aloe vera based cosmetics line that matches your hair colour. Apply eyeshadow to one eyebrow first, and you will be surprised at the difference!
  • Don’t forget to care for your hands. Keep your hands soft and silky by regularly clean it with Hand Sanitizer with aloe and honey and moisturizing with Aloe Vera Lotion, Aloe Propolis Creme, or Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion several times every day – particularly after washing them and before going to sleep.
  • Practice good posture. Pull back your shoulders, straighten up your back, and hold your head up high. There is no replacement for good posture, whether you are standing up or sitting down.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. If you do this on a regular basis, then you will not only feel great, you will look rested too!
  • Nothing ages you faster than the sun. Avoid overexposure to the sun and elements, and apply your Aloe Sunscreen or Aloe Sunscreen Spray for SPF 30 sun protection every day.
  • Avoid messy makeup mistakes. Sloppy makeup lines can ruin your look, so be sure to blend, blend and blend some more. This is the key to great makeup application. Apply aloe vera based cosmetics daily.
  • ‘Put on your lips’ and smile! Apply your favorite shade of Sonya Lipstick and Sonya Lip Gloss from our aloe vera based cosmetics, and flash your greatest smile!
  • Have a great attitude. Your attitude reflects your entire appearance. Not only aloe vera based cosmetics make you look great, but your attitude can change your appearance. An upbeat, positive attitude, along with confidence and self-esteem, will enhance your well-being. Remember – when you feel good, you look good, because your true beauty comes from within!


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