Aloe Vera and wet eczema in all animals

Moist / Wet in all animals

This is a very common skin condition seen in all types of animals, and is often referred to as dermatitis.

Eczema is a superficial disease of the skin, but of an inflammatory nature, that often causes a considerable amount of irritation and itchiness. Initially the skin shows areas of hair loss, redness and blisters. This can lead to weeping (wet) and crusting (when the surface dries up) with secondary infection by bacteria and fungi.


It is characterized by weeping of a discharge that is often yellowish or greenish in color. The discharge makes the hair stick together in a tangled mess, and causes a lot of itching. The secondary infection from bacteria or fungi that often happens is likely a result of what I call the “self-destruct mode”. This is where the itching and pain leads to the animal attacking the area, usually by licking, chewing, biting and rubbing at it. The proteolytic enzymes in the animal’s saliva (particularly in cats and dogs) aggravates the areas more, leading to a vicious cycle – because the eczema irritates the skin, they lick it; the licking causes more damage and irritation, which in turn causes more licking – and so on. The areas are easily recognized because the hairs over them are usually gummed together with discharge. Under the hairs the skin is moist, sticky, red and inflamed. The areas are painful when touched, so examination is usually resented by the animal. These conditions are often made worse by licking, and it is not unusual for the disease to be transferred to the area around the mouth and lips.

Try these products topically:
• Lightly wash the areas with diluted Aloe Liquid Soap or Aloe Jojoba Shampoo.
• Dry well.
• Spray with Aloe Vet Formula spray.
• Apply Aloe Vera Gelly.
• Repeat the application of the Aloe Vet Formula spray and Aloe Vera Gelly 6 times daily, initially, then decrease to twice daily.
• If an area is particularly infected, change from Aloe Vera Gelly to the Aloe Propolis Crème.
Also try this diet:
Add Aloe Vera Gel to the animal’s diet; the quantity depending on the size of the animal. When a good response is noticed, reduce to the half  maintenance dose.

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