Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion

Best way to apply Sunless

For a seamless, streak-free tan begin by exfoliating, then dry your skin. Moisturise using any of our fabulous moisturisers then wait for 15 mins for the Aloe Sunless Tanning lotion to absorb so that it doesn’t interfere with the DHA (the active ingredient in all tanning products).

• Use a large sponge to apply the lotion, as you may find this easier to smooth and blend all over the body. Allow 20 mins to dry – then you can go to bed, or get dressed for the day, and your clothes won’t effect the tanning process.

• If you do apply with your hands, wash thoroughly, immediately after application or rub them with lemon juice to  prevent brown palms.

• Our Aloe Sunless Tanning lotion will not protect you from UVA or UVB ray damage. Just because your skin looks a lovely bronze colour, this doesn’t mean your skin has been prepared for the sun in any way.

• Your natural tan will fade slowly, and you can re-apply the aloe sunless tanning lotion to maintain a deeper tan every couple of days.

• Our Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion will give you a healthy glow all year round while to tan in the sun or on sunbeds is causing serious health scares with skin cancer taking its toll.

Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion is not sold in stores. You can only buy it online. Please enter retail store below to purchase it today. Receive 15% discount on orders of 50$ or more. For details please visit: Forever Living Discounts.

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Katalin Hidvegi

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Katalin Hidvegi
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