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tea (Copy)Enjoying a refreshing cup of tea was the focal point for fellowship, exchange of ideas and a chance to relax from an otherwise busy schedule, allowing the body a chance to “catch up”.

Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea is another fine health food offered by Forever Living to help you in your quest for good health. Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea is naturally low-calorie and is caffeine and cholesterol free to fit a nutritional lifestyle that is essential for healthful living. Caffeine free and  low-calorie tea!!!

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We have prepared this tea from a natural blend of Aloe Blossom and other international herbal teas. Cinnamon, from China, is used because of its traditional refreshing and relaxing effects.

Check out the ingredients

  • Orange peel, with its high flavoring action and its Vitamin C content, is needed by everyone to build Collagen, a framework protein, and to facilitate brain function.
  • Cloves, from Madagascar, are used as a flavoring and relaxing agent to assist in the sleep process.
  • Allspice from Jamaica and Ginger from China have been chosen because of their tonic effects, and also for their soothing effects on the digestive system to assist in total relaxation.
  • Other fine Tea ingredients chosen are Cardamom from Guatemala, Fennel from Egypt and Chamomile, also from Egypt, for their digestive benefits and their normalizing activities. Fennel also high in potassium.
  • Additional fine Herbal tea ingredients are Lapacho from Argentina, Feverfew from the USA, Blackberry leaf from Yugoslavia, Senna grown in India and used there as a “”, and Gymnemna Sylvestre from India.

To make our Tea complete we have added just the right touch of Aloe Blossom and this is the finest Herbal Tea that available only from Forever Living Products! So, we believe a little quiet time with a warming, healthful, refreshing cup of Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea will provide that warm, glowing, healthful feeling that makes for a healthy attitude and a good lifestyle.


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Aloe Blossom Herbal tea is not sold in stores, you can buy it here online visiting Aloe Retail store. Receive 15% discount on your orders,  for details please visit: Forever Living Discounts.

  • This is a delicious tea and highly recommended to drink it during the year.
  • Winter time drink it hot, summer time drink it cold as an iced tea.

My Testimony with Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea:

It was the first product I tried in 2008, after a few months I noticed that I lost about 15 pounds and I did not go to the gym. I wanted to lose weight but I had no time to work out. I did not even know that Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea could help you with your weight loss plan. So don’t hesitate to buy it, you will not regret it. Not all people lose weight so easily like I did but you can have a go and try this delicious herbal tea from Forever Living. My kids also love this tea, however they don’t lose weight while drinking it. Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea helps you cleanse your body and your liver naturally from toxins.

Please note that this tea is not a weight loss tea, but it could help you with your weight loss. Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea could also help to improve your digestion, constipation problem or even highly recommended for diabetics.

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  • Anonymous June 15, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Can a pregnant woman take aloe blossom herbal tea.

    • Katalin Hidvegi June 28, 2016 at 12:26 am

      I was drinking Aloe Blossom Tea during my pregnancy.

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