All the Goodness of Aloe Vera in a TUBE

Many of us can remember being at our grandmother’s house and seeing a small potted plant sitting near the stove. Slender, green leaves hung over the edge of the pot, while some pointed outward in various directions. These leaves were filled with a sticky, yellowish gel and it was this gel that Grandmother insisted upon putting on any little but or burn. This funny-looking little “miracle worker” came to be known to us as her “.”

Another thin we came to know was that the sticky gel helped out “hurt” feel better! We weren’t too far along in years before we were asking Grandmother for her burn plant every time we had minor skin irritations.

What we didn’t know (and perhaps even Grandmother didn’t know) was that this gelatinous plant has a real name, Aloe Barbadensis Miller, or Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has been known and used throughout recorded history by the people of nearly every civilization, including our own. However, we have a tremendous advantage.

Aloe Vera GellyWe can enjoy all the great benefits of Aloe Vera without the mess and inconvenience of running into Grandma’s kitchen and snipping leaves off the plant, now we have the “plant in a tube.”

In 1986, scientists at Aloe Vera of America discovered a process of stabilizing the Aloe Vera gel so well that it maintained all of its naturally occurring elements. The process received an exclusive patent from the United State government and soon, virtually anyone in the world would enjoy the benefits of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Gelly! While we cannot claim universal usage of this tremendous product yet, the fact that it is being used and recommended by millions of distributors in over 156 countries means that we are coming closer to that goal.


Aloe Vera GellyAloe Vera Gelly is the safest, most convenient and effective way to treat your skin with the moisturizing, skin enhancing benefits of this unique plant. Simply squeeze some from the tube and massage it into the skin. Within seconds, the Gelly performs its “magic”, leaving your skin as smooth as silk and as soft as a satin. Next time you’re at Grandma’s house, give her a tube. There’s a good chance that after she’s used it a couple of times, her burn plant will be moved to another room as another house plant and, in its place, will be a slender, flip-top dispenser, filled with the world’s most pure, potent and effective Aloe Vera.  by Bill Lewis

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