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Whilst the Company is supporting the Macmillan charity, it is an appropriate time to look at some of the problems that cancer sufferers have to contend with and to look at the products that Forever may have to help them.

Cancer treatment generally either involves surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and sometimes all three. Improving an individual’s nutritional status with our drinks and supplements will help them get through this ordeal making them better able to fight any accompanying unwanted side effects.

  • Surgery

My advice to anyone undergoing any form of surgery is to drink at least 100ml a day of an Aloe Vera Gel for about six weeks prior to the operation. This will ‘saturate’ them in aloe allowing its renowned effects of promoting good health and wellbeing. Topical aloe gelly can also be applied directly to the wound to help this process. Courses of chemotherapy tend to make people feel thoroughly rotten. This particular treatment tends to cause bouts of nausea that negates what little appetite they might have. Drinking aloe vera gel before, during and after chemotherapy may alleviate these symptoms.

  • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy can lead to painful changes in the skin and, once again, aloe vera gelly has a topical role to play here with its soothing effects. In addition to the general effects of the cancer itself, these aggressive treatments often lead patients feeling tired and depressed – to boost energy levels I would recommend Forever Bee Pollen, a complete food and having been recognized for centuries, bee pollen has been called ‘ambrosia’ or ‘the food of the Gods’. Since you cannot overdose on it, Bee Pollen can be consumed in large quantities. I regard it as an important supplement but don’t take it too late at night since it could keep you awake!

  • Weight Management

Advancing cancer is often accompanied by weight loss and a poor appetite. The highly nutritious Forever Lite Ultra drinks can help you maintain and put on weight. These drinks can also be particularly useful when swallowing solid food is a problem.

Whilst Macmillan supports the activities of Forever, they do not endorse any of the Forever products in the treatment of cancer.

Below are two testimonials from friends of mine currently suffering from cancer who underwent radiotherapy:

“Once again, thank you for the Aloe Vera Gelly. I forgot it one weekend and left it in the apartment in Sitges (20miles away) and had to ask my mum to bring it in a taxi. I have now had 20 sessions and my skin looks like that of a roast chicken. The only way to sleep or wear clothing is to apply Aloe Vera Gelly. Thank you again, love to all”. Mark Tracey

“After radiotherapy my mouth was very red and sore and looking very like the thrush I had suffered a few months previously. The medical treatment was a 10-day course of some horrible liquid and as I wanted to avoid that I thought it was worth trying Forever Bee Pollen which I was thrilled to find really calmed it down. I would suck a tablet three times a day and it had an immediate effect.” Sara Harper

I would like to conclude on a positive note and talk about prevention. One important factor in the increasing incidence of cancer is attack from free radicals, otherwise called oxidants. These unstable compounds attack the body causing oxidative damage. To help prevent this, we must have plenty of anti-oxidants sourced from our food – namely fruit and vegetables. We could defend ourselves if our food contained sufficient amounts of these nutrients. However, that is not always the case today, as many people cannot access really fresh food.

To overcome these deficiencies anti-oxidant supplements can be added to our diet such as:

Finally, remember that aloe vera gel contains the long-chain sugar of polysaccharide, acemannan that supports healthy immune and defense system. Its balancing effect gives regular Gel Drinkers that sense of wellbeing that adds greatly to the enjoyment of life as well as putting them in the best possible position to maintain good health.

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Katalin Hidvegi
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